The ultimate checklist to create a campaign of Facebook Ads with Power Editor

Ever happened to you that you want to create a campaign on Facebook Ads, but with so many things to do you always end up skipping one or three things? If this is your case, I have excellent news for you: you’ll no longer forget the things you have to do to in order to create a super successful campaign. If you interested in creating good publicity campaigns with the Power Editor of Facebook and Instagram Ads you will love the ultimate checklist I have created just for you.

This ultimate checklist has all the necessary steps to create a campaign with the main goal to carry traffic to your website. It has all steps divided by sections that you will need to deploy. Here are more details of what the checklist has:

  • The most important this to do before creating a campaign
  • All the things you must do and consider while creating a campaign with the Power Editor, as well as examples
  • Steps to set tup your set of ads correctly
  • All things to do when creating the ad
  • All the questions to ask to yourself to know is your campaign is ready to convert
  • BONUS: Graphic images with the proper specifications to create ads and video ads.


Amazing, right? This is the exact same checklist I use for my campaigns, which is the main reason why I wanted to share it with you. If you are interested in carrying more traffic to your website, convert more with your campaigns and obtain the ultimate checklist, you just need to clic on the button below.


Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think on the comments.

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