Tutorial/Guide – How to create a personalized Geofilter on Snapchat

Previously we published 11 Snapchat tricks and now I want to share how I created a Geofilter for an event I had with entrepreneurs in Miami. I will start by reviewing what a Geofilter is and end with giving all the details I can so you can create your and the limitations of Snapchat.

What is a Geofilter?

Every time we create a new content for Snapchat, the social network offers us the possibility of adding filters. Some filters are to edit our image or video, nevertheless, other are personalized and geolocalised in relation to the place where you are. For example, if I am in Miami, I will have filters of Miami and the area I am at. Below I share three examples published on the blog Delmondo.


Types of Geofilters

To understand better this guide, it is important to comment the types of Geofilters that exist on the social network.

  • Geofilters On-Demand – This are the filters that you can design to the publish on Snapchat for hours, days, and weeks. They are usually created by brands because they allow to include your logo, even though you can create it too. These are the ones I will show you how to create in this article and there are two types of Geofilter On-Demand, the personal and professional.
    • Geofilter On-Demand Personal – Doesn’t include logos nor promote business, they are used for more personal things such as birthdays, graduations, etc.
    • Geofilter On-Demand Professional – These are the geofilters you will use to promote your business and connect better with your audience.
  • Geofilters of community – These are the filters that artists and designers can create to make reference to a public space, for example, a university. These filters don’t allow logos, they are exclusive for community. The geofilters of community need to be loca, for example, a neighborhood or specifica place, not general states or provinces. It is also important that you know that this type of geofilter doesn’t allow pictures nor hashtags.

How to create step by step a personalized Geofilter for your brand

It is important that you remember that this Geofilter is only available in the Unites States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia for the moment.

First step – Start to set up your Geofilter

To create a Geofilter you will have to enter the official page of Geofilters On-Demand (snapchat.com/on-demand) and click the button “Create now”.

Then it will ask to login in with your Snapchat account (make sure to login with the correct one) and it will give you the instructions to create your design.

Second step – Design your Geofilter

Before designing your Geofilter, I recommend to download the templates that Snapchat offers for Photoshop or Illustrator and read very well the conditions for your design that I summarize below:

  • You can’t use a logo if you have no authorization.
  • You can’t use pictures of people.
  • You can’t include hashtags.
  • You can’t put contact information (email, telephone, links, etc.)
  • Your design can’t occupy a lot of space.

Design specifications

Even though I recommend to download the official templates, I share the specifications of the design.

  • The measurement is 1080px (width) for 1920px (length).
  • You need to export the file to PNG with a transparent background and it needs to weight less than 300KB.

Third step – Set up your Geofilter

Once you have your Geofilter designed, you can upload it and follow the process to set it up. The best thing is that automatically it generates a preview of how it will be seen.

crear un geofiltro snapchat

The second part of the set up consists on determining the days you want to publish your Geofilter on Snapchat. Don’t think about something forever, remember that you are creating something exclusive for a social network where the content only lives for 24 hours. In my case, my event lasted 3 days, I could have used the same for the three days or created different ones for each day to make it even more special and unique.

configurar un geofiltro snapchat

The third part consists on setting the exclusive are where your filter will be showed. Here you put the exact direction, remembering that it is only available for the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia for the moment. After putting your direction, you will have to zoom-in and select the button “Draw Fence” to determine the exact area of your filter. Once you do this, Snapchat will tell you the cost of your Geofilter.

configurar en mapa geofiltro ondemand snapchat

 IMPORTANT: Your Geofilter has to be less than 5,000,000 squared feet.

Fourth step – Pay and publish your Geofilter

The last step is to publish your Geofilter you need to pay and confirm the time the Geofilter will be publishing, if it is personal or of business.


You need to know that your Geofilter (PM: GeoFilter) will pass through the filter of the Snapchat team before being validated. If you follow the steps correctly a popup will appear and a confirmation email will be sent.


In a few days, a confirmation email will be sent if you followed the instructions and then they will charge your card.

I hope this guide-tutorial helps you create your personalized Geofilters, to finish it I want to give you some personal recommendations:

  • Don’t extend the same filter for a long time.
  • Create better thematic Geofilters rather than classic and boring ones.
  • Just include your logo if it is necessary, if it will disturb don’t do it.
  • Design very visual and attractive Geofilters so your audience will want to use it.
  • Don’t abuse the technic, use it just when you will impact or else it will just be one more way of advertising.

If you have any doubts, write on the comments and with pleasure I will help you.

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