The best info products or digital products that you can create and sell

There are many professionals that want to monetize their online channels and knowledge. Info products, also called digital products, are one of the most effective solutions for this purpose. Through this post I want to share what an info product is, the benefits, and all the types of digital products that you can create to position yourself better and obtain more additional incomes.

What is an info product or digital product?

It is a digital resource that allows you to gather and transmit your knowledge in different formats such as books or courses.

Benefits of creating and selling an info product

  • You position yourself as a specialist in one or more topics. For example, if I have a Facebook Ads course, they will ask for related advice.
  • It can generate very good incomes if you create the info product your customer needs and if you know how to promote it correctly.
  • You can automatize the info products sale to generate passive incomes automatically.
  • It is one of the most effective methods to reach hundreds and thousands of professionals of the world.
  • It is ideal to share knowledge, there is nothing more effective than to share your experiences with strangers and create a bond with them. Adding value and helping is one of the best motivations for any professional.
  • But especially because you will add value.

Who can create an info product?

Any professional or professionals team that have the experience in an area or topic and that know how to transmit effectively their know-how. Right now there are millions of info products created, some even from professionals without experience that are trying to include new areas without having the necessary experience to add value.

Nevertheless, I am sure you have the talent and experience and if you know how to transmit it you can create and sell your first info product in less than three months.

Types of info products or digital products

I would like to share some info products with you so you can get inspired:

1. Physical books

Open the WORD application and sit down to write your experience and do not even worry about an editorial. With Amazon you can auto edit your book and sell it internationally. They take care of printing and everything.  

One of the principal advantages of working with Amazon is that they have a channel visited by millions of people and you can be more exposed. Also imagine that people look for your name and your Amazon book appears. Wouldn’t that be great? That is positioning yourself as an expert.

2. E-books (digital books)

I love e-books and as my area changes a lot I prefer them like this. Because I can update them always and my customers can download them with just one click. I have many free books and also paid and I can assure you this type of info product can generate really good passive incomes.

3. Online courses

If I had to choose between an e-book and an online course, I would choose the second one. I love to share the what and how of marketing with thousands of professionals that I have formed in the last years. Courses are more wide and can be effective according to the topic. For example, if your specialty has a lot of things to apply, a course would be better than an e-book.

How can you create your info product?

To create a digital product you will need:

  • Create the content (Power Point, Excel, Word, screen recording tools, cameras, etc…)
  • Configure the access to the content (Dropbox, membership sites, Box, Amazon, etc.)
  • Define the sales platform (Paypal, Gumroad, Selz).
  • Promote your digital product with organic content and advertising campaigns.

When you have a blog it is easier to sell the digital products because through posts you can highlight these resources with banners, links, etc.

I recommend you to create different landing pages for every info product and through these pages do not forget to highlight the benefits and payment forms.

How can you make your info product more special?

I particularly hate to limit myself to the basic and traditional, this is why I always try to add more with my digital products. Below I leave you some simple ideas that work really well.

  • If you sell an e-book add other resources such as videos and templates.
  • If you sell a template add a video that explains how to use it.
  • Offer a good shopping and access experience to the digital products you generate.
  • Include a surprise gift inside your info product and that way you surprise your customers.
  • Combine a digital product with a service. For example: online course (product) + 20 minutes session (service).

Recommendations for your info products

  • Register your resources in platforms such as SafeCreative (Protection and information about copyright).
  • Always export your resources in different formats. For example, if you sell a Power Point template, export it to Keynote (Mac) also. If you do an excel with the latest version of Office, export the final document to previous versions.
  • Offer immediate access to the content, no one likes to pay for something they will not receive in X time. Online sales should be immediate.
  • Sell your info products with the best paid platforms such as Selz or Gumroad.
  • Create various free content (articles, lead magnets, webinars) around every info product. This way you position yourself in searchers with key words of your product and sell automatically.
  • Promote new info products through your newsletter. You can also make huge launch campaigns to obtain good incomes in short time.

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