Social Media Pack


The resources you'll need to IMPRESS your clients

A pack directed for freelances and agencies that want to obtain more clients and offer the best current solutions. The pack includes many awesome resources such as e-books, templates, guides that will allow you to obtain those objectives that your clients wish.  

What does the Social Media Pack include?

Detail of EVERYTHING the Pack includes

Resources to create proposals

Access editable templates to create proposals, a guide with ideas and also a real example of an editable proposal so you modify it with your clients or boss. 

Resources to plan and manage clients

Manage better your possible and current clients and create plans of action focued on results with these editable and functional resources.  

Analytic and contents

Obtain my practice sheets to create contents plan, my analytic template to measure conversions, a Power Point template for reports, other excel templates, a complete and analytic practical manual. 

2 super E-BOOKs that will help you in your day to day

This is the Pack you need to IMPRESS your clients!

Preview of private zone

What are you waiting to manage better your clients?

Access the Pack today with the best Social Media resources to attract and manage clients. With this Pack you can:

✓ Create better proposals to close clients (You will have attractive and real example templates)

✓ Manage better your clients and design the best strategic plans

✓Learn more about analytic to design better strategies and create better reports

✓Create better results reports for Social Media on Power Point

✓Learn to create a super content plan for your clients 

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