Schedugram – How to program pictures on Instagram and manage multiple accounts

Today I bring you a tool that we had requested a lot to Instagram without a positive response. It is a super powerful tool that will allow you to manage multiple Instagram accounts from your computer instead of login and logout in the app of the social network. But this is not all, the best of this tool is that it allows you to program pictures in your accounts. In the following I tell you more about this wonderful tool ?

What features does Schedugram offer

  • Upload images from your computer, this without a doubt is a wonder having in mind that many times we have to auto send the images to later publish them from a mobile.
  • Programming pictures and videos in the time you want inclusive if it is in that same moment.
  • Option so that your multiple users manage the account of Schedugram, this is ideal for agencies.
  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts, say goodbye to login and logout ?
  • Massive upload of images, then it rapidly offers you the option of adding messages and publish date. This is ideal for campaigns ?



Advantages of Schedugram

  • Finally we can manage multiple accounts in a comfortable way
  • We are going to save a lot of time especially in massive publications for our campaigns
  • Works from a computer and that personally makes me happy

Disadvantages of Schedugram

  • That is is paid, they offer you 7 free days, but later you have to pay
  • You have to give your access passwords, but they assure you everything will be super protected
  • It has a delay between 5 and 10 minutes in the programmed schedule, so have it in mind for your launchings

Schedugram prices

This is when the sad part comes, but it is the only alternative (effective) because there is a trick to install Android in the computer and manage another account, but it is not as effective for every day.

  • An account is 13 dollars a month
  • 5 accounts 40 dollars a month
  • 10 accounts 60 dollars a month
  • 20 accounts 100 dollars a month



How is it possible that a tool exists if there is no API on Instagram?

I also made that question and my dear friend Miki Vicioso (who recommended me this tool) told me that people in Australia have simulations on tablets and mobiles that allow the content you program to upload wherever you want and when you want. Basically they have an office full of tablets that do the work you and me need them to do ?

I hope you like a lot this tool, for me simply has not come in better timing ? I am sorry if this post is not so “interesting” as others, but I did not want to pass the opportunity of sharing this awesome tool. If you think this can be helpful, share it on Twitter or wherever you want ?


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