How to set your currency on Facebook Pixel

When you make a lot of Facebook Ads campaigns you usually use Facebook Pixel to measure each of your conversions. The principal conversion is the generated sales through advertisement ads. If your account has a predetermined currency that is not of your country, keep reading and look at the codes for each country to personalize your Facebook Pixel.

How to change the currency of your country on Facebook Pixel?

The following is a graph through which I show you how you can add and edit events on your code of Facebook Pixel. As you will see, to change the currency you just need to put the code of the currency of your country. You can look it up through the list linked below.

currency facebook pixel

Some currency codes by country

Country Currency Code
MEXICO Mexican Peso MXN
COLOMBIA Colombian Peso COP
ARGENTINA Argentinian Peso ARS
CHILE Chilean Peso CLP

You want to see the rest of the countries?

Access my online document with all the currencies and codes according to country.

>> I want to access the document <<

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