How to obtain thousands of visits per month on your blog

If you have a blog and you see that it is hard to obtain an audience, then this is the post for you. I have gathered all the strategies and tactics that you can implement to obtain starting tomorrow, more traffic in your web or blog. As always, I have divided them into categories so that they can be easier to understand. 

Planning and organization

Even though it may seem a lie, the fact of having an organized blog will help you obtain more traffic, below I leave you some ideas:

  1. Structure really well the categories of your blog 
  2. Have an editorial calendar to plan the content you will publish
  3. Increase the frequency of your posts, try to write more content and you will see how your traffic will increase
  4. Define a list of key words that later you will use in your content to position yourself better

Content in general

  1. Write unique and original content 
  2. Make more long than short content
  3. Make tutorials, people love them
  4. Create irresistible headlines
  5. Highlight the social buttons in your posts
  6. Use the “Click to tweet” to encourage to share on Twitter
  7. Offer downloadable content
  8. Invite other bloggers to write on your blog, they will share the content in their channels and will bring you more traffic 
  9. Write posts of recent topics to position yourself rapidly in searchers
  10. Make basic posts, for example, in marketing I can make posts about terms such as “What is the cultivation of leads”
  11. Create dictionaries with terms
  12. Create downloadable content and offer them in exchange of sharing in social networks or capturing the leads
  13. Mention other professionals in your posts
  14. Make interviews to professionals related to the topics of your blog
  15. Create tutorial videos on Youtube that have external links to your channel
  16. Insert Youtube videos in your blog
  17. Launch a webinar or Google Hangout
  18. Offer content of a lot of quality for free, like a free course of “X topic”
  19. Make reviews of products, tools, and services related to your topics
  20. Inside your posts link older ones
  21. Make guides about concrete topics (it always works to gather interesting content) 
  22. Create presentations for Slideshare with links to your blog and then share it on LinkedIn and inside content of your blog
  23. Talk about topics that can generate controversy
  24. Make contests
  25. Offer discounts and offers of products and services related to your industry (Everyone looks for these types of content in Google) 


Blogs are ideal channels to make launchings of products, services, and collaborations. This type of campaigns will help you generate more traffic than usual, for example, you could do the following:

  1. Expectation that later you spread in your online channels
  2. A sale page (landing page) where the information of your launch is
  3. Add social buttons to share to the landing page so that it is shared more

Content diffusion 

  1. Encourage the capturing of subscribers to your newsletter so that you can have more audience to share your content with 
  2. Have a social networks subscription where they can follow your blog in platforms such as Feedly
  3. List your posts in related directories
  4. Share your content in forums
  5. Write a post of an invited author in another blog with more traffic
  6. Comment in other blogs and webs
  7. Share the content of your blog on social networks in different ways:
    • Picture + post link
    • Headline + post link
    • Video + post link
  8. In the images you use to share the content of your blog include the link of your binnacles
  9. Recycle the content in your blog and publish them again on social networks
  10. Send Email Marketing campaigns with content of your blog 
  11. Use LinkedIn to promote your content, you have two ways, publishing the link of your post or also creating a summary of the notes of LinkedIn and then adding the link to your blog (this last thing works really well)
  12. Share the posts of your blog on Google+ (works really well)
  13. Sign your emails with the link to your blog
  14. Include the link to your blog in your presentation cards
  15. Add the last posts of your blog to a Facebook tab


  1. Have an attractive design in your blog so that it is comfortable to consume content
  2. Use very attractive images
  3. Verify that your blog is responsive, in other words, that it looks good in all devices
  4. Check that the images of your blog are optimized
  5. Upload images to your posts with key words so that they appear in searchers in the section of images
  6. Verify that your blog uploads fast
  7. Install a WordPress SEO plugin so that your content appears better on searchers
  8. Use images as infographics that encourage to share your posts


To win you need to invest, this is what you can do:

  1. Campaigns to increase the fans and followers community in social networks so that you have more audience when you share your posts
  2. Advertising campaigns to promote concrete posts on Facebook and Twitter
  3. Campaigns to promote launchings
  4. Google Adwords to position your blog with determined key words 

Recommendations in general

  1. Inspire yourself as other powerful bloggers do
  2. Be constant
  3. Have a lot of patience
  4. Learn to recycle content
  5. Always diffuse your content

I hope these ideas help you and especially that you obtain a lot of quality traffic, that which becomes loyal and returns to your blog for consultations ?

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