Mini guide – How to verify your Twitter account

Some months ago Twitter announced that the process of verifying accounts will be open to everyone. Without a doubt this is very interesting for companies and professionals with personal brands. Through this article I will share the steps you have to follow to obtain the verification of Twitter.

How to verify  your Twitter account

Below I rapidly summarize the steps you have to implement to request the verification of your Twitter account and I will share some recommendations.

1. Prepare your account for the verification

The own social network recommends you to optimize your account before requesting the verification with the following tips:

  • Use your artistic or real name as your Twitter name.
  • Verify that your avatar or header have a picture of yourself or the logo of your company.
  • If you are thinking about changing your user or name, do it before the verification.

Besides, I recommend to have a good biography that describes your personal brand or business objective.

2. Prepare your case 

To request a verified account the social network will ask you to:

  • Web links to sites that prove your identity. For example, I would put my web, articles of relevant media, web of my company, etc.
  • A documentation to verify you are real (identity card, passport, DNI, etc.). For cases in the Dominican Republic it is better to upload the passport instead of the identity card. If you are a company you will have to upload a PDF or picture of commercial register.
  • The reason why your Twitter account should be verified.

3. Complete the verification form

To verify your account you will have to enter this web -> <- so what I show you below will appear.

verificar cuenta twitter

Then you will have to fill with a lot of calm the form of Twitter. Below my tips to complete the form:

  • Don’t copy and paste links.
  • Don’t copy and paste the text why you should be verified.
  • Upload a real document and verify that the image is well seen.
  • Fill the form in English even though if you have to use Google Translate.
  • Don’t send a form if you don’t have a solid case, especially if it is of your personal brand. You need to prove that you really have recognitions for your professional career.

It is important that you follow my recommendations or the button to send the form will NOT be clickable.

When you finish the form, a screen with the summary of your application will appear and then finally a confirmation message that they will be working on your case and they will notify their decision through email.

What type of accounts are verified?

Through an article in their support zone, Twitter confirms that the accounts they will verify are those related to:

  • Music
  • Acting
  • Government & Politics
  • Religion
  • Journalism and communication media
  • Sports
  • Business
  • Fashion

Also others related.

I hope this mini guide helps you verify your Twitter account.

How long it takes and how they communicate the verification

The average of days to receive the information of the confirmation or denial of your form is 7 to 15 days. I had to wait 9 days to receive the verification. I received an email to confirm the verification.verificación cuentas twitter


If you change the user name or the name it is possible that they take away the badge and it is normal. Many brands create accounts with a lot of followers and the sell them changing the user. Twitter maintains control of this and automatically takes off the verified badge.

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