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As you know I always like to share useful and awesome tools with all of you. Today I want to do it a more personal way and share those I use in my day to day to speed up my tasks and improve my productivity. I have a lot of years investing time and money to discover and try new tools that will help me with my tasks. Sometimes I have to confess that I invest in tools that later I do not use, but that is part of the process. To win you have to invest. The tools I bring you today are more personal than of marketing, but I am sure that you will want to use some starting today.

My daily indispensable tools 

Chrome tools

Every time someone sees my Chrome they get surprised because I have it personalized, I have to confess that without my Chrome tools I feel incomplete because they are the ones that speed up a lot of my tasks. I leave you a list of the ones I have:

  • Rapportive – the best tool to manage your Gmail with customers. I receive daily emails of people I do not know and thanks to Rapportive I have a brief BIO of them extracted from LinkedIn. With this little detail I can direct myself better to the person I respond.
  • Boomeranggmail – this tool offers the features that Gmail does not have: program emails whenever you want. For me it is a MUST because I have the habit of responding immediately to emails I should not.
  • BufferAPP – because from my navigator I can program and publish at the moment the best content I see on the network and on my own blog.
  • Hangouts – thanks to this tool I can have in my computer all my chats. I have to confess that I use Hangouts more than any other type of messaging because it is integrated with Gmail and facilitates my life.
  • Text – to leave saved generic texts that you have to copy and paste constantly.
  • The Great Suspender – If you are like me that has more than 20 tabs open at the same time in your navigator, you need this suspender. I have it automatically configured so that in 30 minutes it “shuts down” my tabs. You will see how your computer will be much better.
  • Onetab– an app to gather all the tabs you have open in only one. Then you will have a list to open again the ones you want. Ideal to clean your navigator and concentrate in one thing.
  • ColorZilla – to take the color of any element or text you are viewing in your navigator.
  • WPSniffer – to see the WordPress template and the hosting of blogs and webs you want to see.
  • Pageruler – to measure any object, text, or video in a web page.
  • Capture in Evernote – to make a page go directly to my Evernote notebook.
  • Full Page Screen Capture – it gives you a complete screen capture of a web, even though it is super long.

Other tools outside of Chrome

The other tools I use in my everyday are:

  • Moomto organize the desktop of your MAC. With Moom I divide my apps in 2 or 4 parts just clicking a button. Although it is paid, you can try it for free.
  • Google Docs – I like to have online and editable files to work with my customers and collaborators.
  • Keynote – I always have it open to create new things, I do my graphs and mini infographics here to always have it available for my conferences.
  • Skype – to communicate with my customers and collaborators.
  • Spotify – because without music I feel that something is missing when I am working. In occasions, I alternate Spotify with Soundcloud to listen to awesome sessions. Jose, my couple, is who recommended it to me, in his profile you can see some interesting things.
  • Emojis for Twitter – this tool of my friend Iván, I use it to add emojis to my posts on Facebook & Twitter. I am waiting for the day they release the version for Chrome.
  • Tweetdeck – to manage my personal Twitter accounts.
  • Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop – to design the things I am creating.
  • Excel – lately I am learning to create better resources with excel and I dedicate various minutes a day.
  • Screenflow – to record my courses and tutorial videos, as a I have various courses in process, I always have to record something.
  • For last and not least important WordPress. Although I do not write daily on my blog, all my projects are based on this platform and every day I have to use it.

Which are your indispensable tools?

Tell me in the comments and share your indispensable tools ?

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