How to improve the SEO of your blog

Do you need to improve your blog position and you are not an expert in SEO? Do not worry, I am neither and little by little I have accomplished to obtain a spot on the Internet. Through this post I will share what I have done to obtain that the 50% of the traffic comes from searchers. Evidently the recommendations I do are from the point of view of a blogger with a marketing soul that of SEO knows little. The following tricks are the ones that have helped me win a spot in the web, so they come from my own experience. If any expert in SEO is encouraged to dig deeper in this topic know that you are welcomed as an invited author in the blog ?

General recommendations

  • Create a list of key words related to your blog and try to include them in your posts when they fit.
  • Always link in your posts other posts that you have on your blog (when obviously they fit).
  • Use a good SEO plugin, such as “SEO by YOAST” and even though it is more time to create a post for this part of optimization think it is a long term investment ?
  • Prepare a good editorial calendar so that you always have new content to publish, the frequency helps position yourself and be a better blogger, never forget that ?

Post categories

  • Use key words for the post categories
  • Always tag your posts in the category they fit

Take care of your links

  • Make the permanent links of your blog to be with text field.
  • Manually create the links of your posts, do not let them generate automatically from the title.
    • This post is called “How to improve the SEO of your blog” if I leave it to automatically generate the link would be like this: and it would not be very strategical.
    • The ideal would be to create one like this
  • Forget about prepositions and articles in your links.
  • Avoid numbers and weird characters.

Take advantage of SEO by Yoast

  • Complete the fields they ask you in every post in a strategical way
    • Key word
    • Title (Maximum 70 characters)
    • Meta – description (Maximum 156 characters)
  • Complete the Social part so that this way you define the description or image that publishes on Facebook and G+
  • Pay attention to the SEO recommendations the post offers

Create good titles

  • Make short titles (Maximum 70 characters)
  • Include key words in your titles

Optimized images

  • Upload perfectly tagged images with key words in ALT and TITLE
  • NEVER upload images with names such as “image-1” or “screen-shot-2016:4:30”
  • Optimize the weight of your images, if you use Photoshop always export the images to web and this will be solved

The content

  • Make good content
  • Do not make short posts, always have more than 400 words
  • Forget about copying and pasting texts from other sites
  • Strategically add subtitles (H2, H3)
  • Add images or videos inside the content to increase the interest and time visit of the audience

Social Share

  • Highlight the share buttons in social networks in your posts
  • Repeat the share buttons in various parts of the blog:
    • At the beginning of the post
    • Floating at the left side
    • At the end of the post

Any extra recommendation?

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