How to promote a content strategy in social networks and blogs

One of the last steps in creating content strategies is the part of planning the promotion. This part is as important as creating content.

Through this post I want to explain how you can promote content to obtain the results you defined at the beginning. I will talk about the types of promotion, organic and driven, and I will share examples of how to create a promotion plan.

Organic content promotion

Approximately, the organic content reach currently is the following:

  • A normal content reaches between 10% and 30% of the audience.
  • A very good content can reach between 30% and 60% of the audience.

To obtain a good organic promotion we have to correctly optimize our content.


content optimization

In a summarized way it would be like:

  • Use a good typography, it is always better to be the one of the brand.
  • If there is a web or landing page in the middle, make sure it is optimized and works in any device.
  • The links need to be the shortest and personalized as possible.
  • CTA (Call To Action) cannot have colors such as RED (sign of alert), it is better to use colors as green accompanied by a good text.
  • Pressure by time and quantity to increase the impact.
  • Ask the audience if necessary.


content optimization in blogs

Driven content promotion

To obtain even better results it is recommended to always boost our content, for this I recommend these tactics:

  • Spread the content in social networks in a repetitive way to not let them die.
  • Use a newsletter strategy.
  • Make use of aggregates to boost even more the content.
  • Implement advertising campaigns.
  • Publish banners (internal promotion)
  • Create landing pages and tabs in Facebook that will help promote the content.
  • Make use of influencers.

Recycle is to promote

This is very important, a lot of times the content is forgotten, do not forget to recycle them to make them last in time. I leave you some tips for this:

  • Change the format
  • Change the channel
  • Change the speech (copy)

Promotion plan

So that you know how to create a promotion plan I have created one as an example, as you will see in the table there is a column that clearly states the action we want to obtain with promoting the content.

The first thing would be a dashboard with graphics that summarize the promotion plan.

promotion plan

Then comes the promotion plan specifying the when, channel, format, tone, desired action and cost.


This would be the promotion process, I hope this helps you for your content strategies. Either way, in the last part if you do not want to make a promotion plan, the editorial calendar could help you.

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