How to make a good ad campaign in Facebook Ads

Facebook implemented years ago a new system to organize the advertisement campaigns in its platform. I will take advantage of this change to share the necessary steps to create a good campaign in Facebook Ads. I will do it creating a real campaign and then in another post I will share the results of the campaign if you like? (At the end of the post you can leave comments.)

How does the new change of Facebook Ads work

What this change does is organize better your campaigns with three levels of organization:

  • Campaigns
  • Ads set – different ads, with different budgets and different publication dates
  • Individual ads (design and copy)

This will help you create, manage, optimize, and analyze your campaigns.

How to set an advertisement campaign in Facebook

1 – Your current situation

Analyze your current situation to determine if you really need advertising. In my case, I want to promote my e-books and templates store, I have been selling since the beginning of the store organically. I feel that the moment has come to increase the incomes I obtain through advertising campaigns. In this case I DO understand necessary advertising as an alternative method to obtain incomes.

2 – Objectives and Goals

Your objective is what you want to obtain with your advertisement campaign and your goal is what you want to achieve with that same campaign. They are different things, for example:

  • Main Objective – increase the sales of my online store
  • Secondary objectives – increase the 20% of my sales through online advertising
  • Secondary objectives – not invest more than the 15% of the value of my products with the online advertising. I clarify, if my e-book costs 9,99€, I do not want to pay for my clients through advertising more than 1,45€.
  • My goals are:
    • Increase sales in a 50%
    • Not invest more than the 5% for every client through the advertising

You can think I am a dreamer and that it is too much, but the truth is that my goals are the ones that make me fight for what I want, the objective is the minimum I need, but my goal has always to be big so I can feel motivated and give my everything.

3 – Defining the basic

There are some basic things that you need to consider at the moment of creating your campaign:

  • Where does the magic happen, in my case because I want to sell, the sale page of the product would not work (this I have tried and the cost per client is too expensive.) That page is not optimized to sell advertising, so I need to create a landing page.
  • How will I measure the effectiveness of my campaign, besides the analytics of Facebook, what will you implement to track to the fullest your results.
  • How much do you want to spend, this is the most important. I will tell you something, if you have a small amount it is better to invest it in little time instead of stretching it. In my case I will re-invest my incomes, so I will start with a basic budget and according to the effectiveness of my campaign I increase or decrease.
  • How long will your campaign last, as I said before, it depends on your budget. I will do it weekly and I will reactivate it according to what I see or change it radically if it is not working.

4 – Start the configuration in Facebook Ads

There are some basic things that you need to consider at the moment of creating your campaign:

When you enter in creating advertisements in Facebook you will start creating your campaign, lets go step by step as I go setting mine.

What results you want to achieve

I selected clicks to website because it is what I want, in the landing page I make others fall in love :P, I could choose website conversions, but that is more professional and I will leave it for another occasion.


Landing page

As I mentioned I prepared a landing page and is the one I added in Clicks to Website.


Set the images of your ads

You can upload your pictures, use ones used before or access the bank of images of Shutterstock.

Define your 

This is one of the most important parts, you have to have good headlines, advertising as well as content in general enters through the eyes. Besides having a good image that highlights, you have to have excellent texts. In this part I invite you to add calls to the action, I added for the e-books the button Captura-de-pantalla-2014-03-14-a-las-13.44.12

Define your audience

For this campaign I will rely on data of Google Analytics of my blog. For the location I extracted the countries with more traffic, although I do not include Spain, in this occasion I will focus on Latin America.

Use the interests to divide better your audience, also I like to set connections, in this occasion I do not want related people to my fan page, I want to reach a new audience.

The language is one of the things that I also set, my e-books are in Spanish, I cannot leave it open ?

Define your budget and date for the campaign

Particularly I like to define the budget by day, I usually put 8€ a day and I leave it for a week to see how well it goes.

Never forget to use a name for the campaign, so that later you can track better the analytics and expenses.

Define your method

You pay for clicks or impressions, as I need to take traffic I want to pay for clicks. It is NOT a branding campaign, it is a sales campaign.

Wait for approval

Now you will need to wait for the approval of Facebook, depends on the day if it is faster or slower.

Better practices for advertising campaigns

If you want to obtain a good campaign I share some of the best practices I use and work for me ?

  • Do not try to stretch the money in advertising, when there is little money put few days.
  • If you want to obtain good results remember that sometimes you have to invest more than the usual.
  • Analyze the impact of your campaigns with good metrics, for example:
    • Metric to see the direct traffic of the advertisement, with your analytics look at how many people come from the campaign. If you do not know how to use it put a in your Facebook Ads and that way you can measure the clicks.
    • Metric to see how many people of that traffic have finished buying your product. Because I do not have an e-commerce and I sell individually, what I have done is create a new product in my Shoplocket account, that way I know perfectly how many sales through advertising I did. This is the “tatty” version of measuring?
    • Formulate conversion, take the total of clicks of the landing page and divide it by the purchases to see the conversion percentage.
  • Use good images, if you have to buy one, do it and when you upload it make sure it is adapted to the official measures ?
  • Take your time to create good headlines.
  • Divide your audience until you have no more options ?
  • Add calls to the action if it fits, for me it is the best invention of social networks.
  • Discounts and offers are also very effective in advertisements.

I hope that this post helps you, if you have any doubt I am open to answering your comments ?

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