Guide with tools and resources to design without being a designer

If you do not have money to hire a designer and you need to create to then publish, you will love this post. I am a publicist and in the career they forced us to design, so we needed to learn with a lot of practices. It was not my strength, but I dominated the tools and now that I am in online marketing, it is a plus to know how to use them. With this post I hope that my fellow design colleagues do not feel bad, because although I share the resources and techniques, the best designs are made professionally by you ?

Good design resources

Before going to the design tool you will need resources to create your pieces, the following are my best resources and the majority are FREE ?

Image banks and free vectors

  • Freepik – the image bank where you can obtain vectors, images, icons, and PSD.
  • Flaticon – bank of icons that you can download in png, svg, psd or icofont.
  • Freeimages – a bank of free images (before it was
  • Vecteezy – bank with free vectors.
  • Vector3free – another bank with free vectors.
  • TheNounProject – an icons in vector searcher, some are paid.

Banks of free fonts

Resources for inspiration

  • Dribbble – it is a portal where good designers to illustrators gather to share their works that can help you as inspiration and also sometimes you find free resources.
  • DevianARt – it is another community of designers where you can find inspiration.

Premium resources

Recommendations to design

If you do not know about design I invite you to read my recommendations so that you try to make something good and not something bad ?

  • Forget about making complicated things in the beginning.
  • Try to use the predetermined templates to learn.
  • Personalize everything with colors of your brand to give it a corporative touch.
  • Do not abuse by putting the logo of your brand everywhere.
  • Have in mind the centralized theme for both images and texts.
  • Be careful with small texts.
  • Try to maintain one same graphic line.
  • Avoid colors that hurt the eyes.
  • Avoid capital letters in all the text.
  • Use your own brand font or one related.
  • Avoid heavy designs.
  • Always try to put little text.
  • Make adapted designs according to the measures of each social network.

Tools to design

1. Designing in Power Point

I will start with the basic, you cannot imagine how easy it is to create pieces in Power Point, especially when you do not know about design or when in your office they do not want to pay the Photoshop licence.

2. Use Canva

Without a doubt Canva is the most amazing tool and easiest to use to create publications in social networks, banners, headlines, posters, and a little bit of everything. Between its features you can find the following:

  • Everything is drag and drop (dragging everything)
  • It allows you to import your own images.
  • It comes with predetermined templates for the majority of things you need.
  • Includes beautiful designs that will help you.
  • You can personalize everything that comes predetermined with colors and fonts.


3. Other tools of graphic design

4. Design banners in HTML

With HTML5Maker you can create banners for your blog and web.


I hope with this guide you can create designs in an easy way, if you know any other you can leave it in the comments ?

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