Guide to make the most out of your LinkedIn profile

As you know, LinkedIn has become the best channel to show our professional accomplishments and connect with other professionals of our environment. This social network is the curriculum that never sleeps and that allows you to meet new professionals and obtain new opportunities. For this reason it is super important that you always have it updated and optimized. I have created this guide so that you can make the most out of the features that LinkedIn has for professionals.

How to optimize your profile

1. Check once a month your LinkedIn and make the relevant changes

Before making any change remember that you can deactivate your notifications for your contacts. I recommend you to have it off and just activate in some moments you find strategical.

2. Create your profile in different languages

If you are interested in having your profile in more than one language, go right now to your profile page, in the button “see profile as” you will select the arrow and click the option “create profile in another language”. This small feature will help you position your profile, my recommendation is that you have it in English and in Spanish.

3. Describe your work well

Every time that you add a new job, spend time to complete all the information correctly. Do not limit yourself to just putting the initials of your position, add the whole position too. In the description part remember that the first line is crucial, you will have to summarize briefly your work. From there, highlight the most important parts and if you can add campaigns, names of customers, achievements, or remarkable skills of your work. Look at an example below:

describe your work well

4. Work a lot the summary of your profile

The summary of your profile that is shown in the superior part of your profile page is the most important. After updating your LinkedIn account, I recommend you to spend some minutes in this part.

  • Use a good picture of your face that transmits your principal values.
  • Define a good “professional headline”, basically a phrase that resumes who you are and what you are doing.
  • In the “current” and “previous” detail your experience well with the names of the companies so that they can see rapidly in what you are at a professional level.

Look at how I have mine, in the headline I summarize two key words of my work and I put the position that could define my current situation.

5. Create a powerful extract

The extract is the summary of your professional career, when you are writing it I recommend you to:

  • Talk in first person
  • Include key words to define your professional career
  • Mention the most important brands or companies where you have worked
  • Include your best achievements
  • Your contact data if they are in searching of work, customers, or collaborations

The extract is a selling letter to position yourself better than other professionals on LinkedIn.

6. Organize your profile well

Once you complete all your experience you will have to organize by priority your profile. I leave you an example in how to organize it:

  • Summary (about you)
  • Experience and the experience you can organize by importance or time (most recent in the top)
  • Recommendations
  • Merits / Honors
  • Projects
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Personal details
  • Groups
  • Pages you follow

The truth is that according to your situation you will have to organize your profile in one way or the other.

7. Modify your personal information

Almost no one knows they can modify their personal information in their LinkedIn profile. Just below your profile you will see a button “Contact information”, if you click there you will see detailed your information that you can add/modify. You will have data for your contacts and others visible for LinkedIn users.


TIP: When you add a website select “other” so that you can put personalized text and make it more attractive than the conventional blog and company site.

8. Change your basic configuration

Through the configuration section of LinkedIn you can make different interesting changes, I mention some of them:

  • Select who can see your activity feed, if only your contacts or your complete network.
  • Select which information your users can see when they visit your profile. The best is to leave the name and title with your picture, the other options are more anonymous and could make you more invisible inside a social network based on connections.
  • Show or deactivate the option “the people that saw this profile also saw”.
  • Select who can send you invitations (the best is to leave it open, then you filtrate).

9. Ask for recommendations on LinkedIn

If you are searching for a job, I recommend you to ask your old bosses to leave you a recommendation on LinkedIn. I leave you an example on how the name of who recommends you is seen just below your work experience.


10. Claim your personalized link

For last you will have to claim your personalized link to share in an easy and attractive way your LinkedIn profile. For example, mine is: 

How to make the most of LinkedIn

1. Use your publications as blog posts

If you do not have a blog or want to maximize determined content, I recommend you to use your LinkedIn publications. They enter very well in searchers and they will help you spread determined content. Remember that LinkedIn is a social network for professionals where your objective audience can be. I leave you an example of a publications I made to promote my Digital Marketing Congress in streaming.


2. Use the LinkedIn searcher in an intelligent way

If you want to obtain better results in the LinkedIn searcher I recommend you to use the following shortcuts:

  • Use the option advanced searches to obtain better results
  • Use AND, NOT and OR to find profiles, groups, and pages that are what you are searching for

3. Use Slideshare to show your work

LinkedIn bought Slideshare and since then the combination of both platforms is awesome. This is why I recommend you to create good Slideshare presentations to promote your work and then share on LinkedIn to reach more visibility. Also a good presentation can make other professionals and companies to know better your professional work.

4. Use LinkedIn to take traffic to your blog

Share posts from your blog inside LinkedIn and take advantage of this social network to take traffic to your blog/web. Also you can alternate content with other interesting and relevant for your connections. I use Buffer to send quickly the content of my blog to LinkedIn and get to attract more readers to website.

5. Connect with users quickly [SUPER TIP]

If you want to connect through LinkedIn with someone without having to describe the type of relation you have and where you met, use the searcher. Look at the example I made to connect with my cousin. If I did it from her profile a form appeared, when doing it from the searcher it let me connect with her without specifying where we met.


5 better practices for LinkedIn

  • Avoid the tactic of sending massive messages to all your connections.
  • Use the groups intelligently and not in a SPAM way. Share, collaborate and sometimes promote. The right to promote is only for those that really are involved in creating and contributing in an active community.
  • Use your LinkedIn profile with your personal email and add as secondary the one of your company.
  • Add every work or academic experience, extra elements that can maximize your work, for example:
    • Explanatory document
    • Picture
    • Recognition links
    • Video
    • Slideshare presentation
  • Add a headline to your profile and capture the attention of your visitors, the measure 1400×425.

Resources to help you with LinkedIn 

If you want to make the most out of LinkedIn I recommend you to follow these blogs:

  • Billie Sastre that has a Social Customer Care blog and LinkedIn.
  • Pedro de Vicente (Squeezing LinkedIn) – this blog will be the one you will want to have always open to consult about LinkedIn.

I hope this guide has helped you, if you have any doubts or more recommendations for this guide leave me a comment.

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