Guide to easily sell a digital product on your blog or web

If you are thinking in starting to sell your first digital product in your blog or web, this post will be very interesting for you. I have many years selling online and you do not imagine all that I have learned and the difficult moments I have lived because of not understanding some things or using the wrong tools. Basically the problem when you sell online is that it depends on the tools of third parties to sell your product. These tools are always in constant evolution and a lot of times their changes can annoy your actions. Today I have prepared a quick guide with everything you need to sell your online product. The good thing about this post is that you will see you do not need to make an E-Commerce to sell on your blog or web.

Ingredients to sell digital products 

  • Digital product you will sell: as the Internet is full of people that do the same thing as you, I recommend you to look for an additional value to your product to make it more irresistible and unique.
  • Investment: as I always say, your earnings will be proportional to the investment you are willing to make. You have to invest in the good tools to sell and on ads that will help you maximize your results.
  • Selling tool: choose a good tool to sell your digital products. Sometimes it is better to pay more commission so that your users have the best purchase experience.
  • Promotion and content pieces: if you want to maximize your sales you will need a good content strategy that supports your products.

How to sell a digital product step by step

In the following I have prepared a graphic that summarizes the selling online process, below I will detail everything so that you can apply to yourself the steps and sell your digital product.

how to sell a digital product

1. Digital Product 

There are a lot of types of digital products to sell, the most used are e-books and online courses.


I recommend you to make it practical and complete and that it has added bonus. For example, my book Triunfagram has:

  • The book with more than 330 pages full of strategies, tactics, and examples
  • Manual with 77 types of content to succeed
  • 8 editable templates to take your profile to another level 
  • Tutorial videos to guide you
  • Access to private group on Facebook

As you see I offer various bonus to create something exclusive and unique in the market.

Online Course

Most professionals prefer to launch an online course because they can generate higher incomes with content of more value. You need to structure the courses by modules and lessons and then add exams or practical cases if you want to improve the learning experience. In my courses I always add a BONUS. I leave an example of an online course of Triunfagram.

  • BONUS 1: Content manual and Brand Book
  • BONUS 2: Effective strategies according to industry
  • BONUS 3: Mini graphic design course to create promotional pieces
  • BONUS 4: Access to private group

Regardless what your digital product is, I recommend you that you make a specific one and not a generic one, it is not the same a social networks course that mentions Instagram than a course that is only of Instagram. Identify a topic of your professional specialty and create something new and that your audience needs. This happened with the book of Instagram, there were some in English, but little in Spanish, that is why I spent 6 months creating Triunfagram. Besides, I remind you that you can also sell your online course through Tutellus or Udemy, e-learning platforms that can help you obtain more incomes.

The price of your digital product

This is the most delicate part, you have to put a price to your work and any mistake can turn out to be very expensive. For me there are two ways of valuing your product:

  • Thinking in masses: this allows you to sell at more competitive prices, this is my favorite strategy, I prefer to sell a lot of products at a lower price. This works for me, I have learned to know my audience better and understand that a great percentage demands more accessible products at an economic level. Anyway, you can have a product of masses and another of niche, this is very recommended. I have some products that are more premium and the majority are directed to masses.
  • Thinking in niche: you sell at a higher price because you want to delimit your product and make it more exclusive and private. I add Skype work sessions and things that are not in a massive way. That way I improve and elevate the learning experience.

I would like to remind you that there is a market in the Internet for everyone, you can sell the same product for hundreds of professionals and even so have your customers. When you sell a digital product, you are not selling a document or pack, you are selling:

  • Your know-how
  • Your mistakes and achievements
  • Your learnings
  • The years, weeks, days, and hours that you have studying and practicing about this topic
  • Your success cases
  • Everything resumed in a strategical way to help others

That is why your product is unique and different to the rest.

I would like to share some tactics to put a price to your work.

  • Investigate what your competition offers and at what price they sell. Inclusive, buy those products to see what is the real price offer vs the content they offer.
  • Analyze your customers and determine how much they would be willing to pay.
  • Make A/B tests of prices with ads to strangers (people that do not know your work, that are not in your lists nor in your social networks), you can invest 5-10€ and send it to half of the audience to a landing page with a price and to the other half to another page with a different price. Analyze the price that best works, the only thing I recommend is that if you leave a lower price that you send something exclusive to those customers that paid more. This is the correct way to make online business.
  • Offer a cheaper version and another one more expensive of your product to validate prices on future products, it would be like this:
    • 49.99€ digital product
    • 149.99€ digital product + other digital product or Skype session

With Triunfagram I have a book at 14.99€ and the course at 99.99€.

  • Try different prices on your products, to see which one influences more, for example:
    • 99.99€
    • 100€
    • 97€

2. Selling tool 

As you all know Paypal is very famous for selling online, your customers can pay with Paypal credit or with their credit card. The problem is that the payment with a card no one knows how to do it and even worse your customers have a bad purchase experience. Although you can set up a redirect so that later they can purchase the product, there is no security, no CRM, and nothing more than an economic transaction. It is a cold and dry sale. That is why I prefer to pay between 5% and 8% so that my customers feel comfortable and I have a tracking of all my sales. When you sell online you will meet all types of customers, I have them classified in three types:

  • The undecided: This will make a lot of questions before buying your product, thanks to these customers, you create some awesome sale pages, full of specifications that them or others will probably not read (the cruel reality). Be patient and help all the interested, a quick answer to a doubt can turn into a purchase. I tell you from my experience. To obtain more sales with this type of customers, I recommend you to have installed the plugin Rapportive on Gmail (to have information about them) and add a chat tool in your purchase pages Zopim type.
  • Compulsive buyer: you will love this customer because they generate awesome incomes, but many times they buy a lot of products that some content are duplicated. Stay ahead and offer them a refund or give them another product. With this small gesture you will see how you will have your customer loyalty for life.
  • The repetitive: This is your star customer, they always buy your products and because of this you have to please them with free upgrades and exclusive discounts.

Going back to the type of selling tool, I have some years with Selz (euro sales) and Gumroad (dollar sales), and even though I principally use Selz, lately it has driven me crazy. They make ridiculous changes and do not advance with solutions for salesmen. This is why I am seriously thinking on passing everything to Gumroad and I tell you my reasons:

  • I can have affiliates that sell my products and Gumroad takes care of paying them and everything.
  • They allow me to sell in different currencies, even though they pay me with only the one I have as principal.
  • It allows me to add pixel tracking to every digital product to measure the conversions of my campaigns.
  • They have a mobile app to track your sales and if you have Apple Watch it works too.

The topic of the tool is very personal, I recommend you to try until you find one that fills your expectations, try Selz, Gumroad or Sellfy.

3. Product promotion

This is the most important part, if you do not share your content, NO ONE will do it for you. This is why you will have to create a promotion plan, below I leave you an example of Triunfagram:

Organic promotion (the one you do in your channels without paying)

  • In my blog
    • Launching post
    • 3 posts with extracts from the book
    • Banners in old posts that are well positioned
  • In the web of the book
    • A landing page of the course and book
  • In my social networks
    • Creation of profiles of the book and frequent promotion
    • In my main accounts, promotion in the day of the launching and then content of the book, I am not used to direct promotion
  • In Email Marketing
    • Launching email to my list about the launch
    • Incorporation of the book on later campaigns
  • Course on e-learning platforms to generate new incomes and reach more people

  • Facebook Ads
    • Campaigns to non buyers to purchase the book
    • Campaigns to non buyers to purchase the course

You can also invest in Youtube Ads, Google Adwords or Twitter Ads to reach more people.

4. Page or post to sell

I personally hate to have one more purchase page, this is why I use Gumroad or Selz buttons so that the users on the promotion page can directly purchase my product. This is why my sale page is a popup. Although there are salesmen that prefer to take people to a purchase page, as if it were e-commerce. You can try what works best or worse for you, but I noted that there were more abandons when having one more step. Anyways, if you want to do it I recommend you something, ask for the email of the users before passing to the purchase page and that way you can later work with the ones that have not bought with automatized emails.

5. Thank you page

This is for me the key page and I tell you this because of two reasons:

  • It is a nice way to thank your user for the purchase he just made, many take advantage of this space to give gifts or sell other products at super competitive prices. I personally recommend you to thank and give the instructions so that they immediately access the content they have purchased. Even though you use platforms such as Gumroad or Selz that send the user the access to the content, some get lost.
  • Is the page that will help you measure your conversion, for example, if I have an ads campaign, I put the pixel tracking in the page to measure all the users that bought through my ad.

Recommendations to sell

  • Do not sell if you are not prepared to offer the best customer support.
  • Define your sales politics, if you offer a refund, payment forms, etc…
  • Remember that you are not selling a digital product, you are selling your know-how, what you know about a topic that you have years learning about and thanks to which you eat everyday. Do not try to sell a product you do not know because people will notice and it will be fatal.
  • Have all the content on Dropbox or Google Drive for if some user has any problem with the download.
  • Offer your digital product neatly packed and divided to improve the download experience.
  • If you have very heavy files, specify these details on your sales page.
  • Ask for feedback to your customers and use their testimonies to influence others.
  • Talk to other professionals to help you promote your digital product (affiliates).
  • Validate your digital product by creating a free version months before.
  • Create a good subscribers list to sell your product easier.

I hope you have liked this guide, this is what I do to sell my online products. If you have any doubts or suggestions, leave me a comment.

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