Guide to create a professional blog step by step

Today I bring you a post that can come in handy, basically I will tell you how to create a professional blog without dying in the attempt. You know the importance of having a personal brand today, well the blog is the epicenter of these types of strategies and can help you a lot to position you as a reference for the ones that surround you. Keep reading this post and you will see all that I have to share with you ?

Why a blog?

I will summarize it in one word: learn. For me this is what a blog is about, constantly learning and being a better professional. Sharing is cool, but when you do it with people that read you, the satisfaction is even bigger. In the following I share everything that having your blog generates and also what it will cost you:

  • Recognition in your professional environment.
  • Continuous learning, you will always learn new things.
  • Incomes, you can offer premium content, make affiliation marketing, collaboration with brand, formation, and conferences.
  • You will feel you are contributing and that is one of the best sensations.

What do you need to set up a blog?

  • A lot of desire to have a good time and share with people you do not know.
  • Time to plan and create good content.
  • Maintain a good rhythm of frequency in publications.
  • Time to take care of your community.
  • A blog set up as God demands, in other words, that is it attractive and easy to navigate in.
  • Awesome plugins to make your blog the best of the area.
  • Capture subscribers to create a community since the beginning.

Below I will tell you how you can create your blog by yourself ?

How to set up a professional blog for FREE

1- Brainstorming

This is the moment in which you need to define various things important for your blog:

  • How your blog will be called
  • What will you talk about in your blog, define main, secondary, and sporadic categories.
  • What key words will define the content of your blog (so that you will use them always)
  • What logo will you have, please have one even if it is typographic, it is important for you to have an image.
  • What colors will you use, minimum have two, one primary and another secondary.
  • Define 10 initial posts for your blog

2 – Obtain the hosting and domain 

I recommend you Bluehost for your hosting and domain. With Bluehost you can set-up is own blog in only 10 minutes even if you are not a techie.

3- Purchase and install an awesome template

This you can do it through Themeforest, here you will find templates for every taste, I only leave you three recommendations:

  • Verify if the seller updates the template constantly.
  • Read the comments of other users to prevent problems.
  • Review real well everything that it includes.

4- Install cool and free plugins

This is my list of cool plugins for WordPress that I use to make my blog more attractive:

  • Stealth Publish to publish posts without appearing in social networks.
  • Pretty Link to create personalized links with your domain, for example, if I wanted to promote my link of affiliation with Amazon I could create
  • Click to Tweet to add the option of twitting content from your post (this increases the social shares)
  • Image Banner Widget to create clickable banners in the sidebar of your blog.
  • Selz to sell products.
  • Sumome to capture subscribers with popup, superior bar, and other ways.
  • WordPress SEO a super easy plugin to use to position your content.
  • Default Post Content so your posts are always with predetermined content at the beginning (for example: subscription box, last posts, etc..)

5 – Write your first content

At this point what is left is for you to have fun creating content ?

In what can you invest to improve your blog

Evidently not everything is free, if you want to launch your professional blog with a lot of power since the beginning, these are the investments I recommend you to do:

  • Visual aspect
  • Professional plugins
  • Email Marketing (a tool that helps you)
    • Benchmark Email (the Email Marketing software that I recommend, works wonderfully and include auto responders in the free plan with 2000 suscribers)
    • Mailrealy 
    • InfunsionSoft
    • Active Campagin

I hope this serves you as a guide and that you launch your blog as God demands already ?

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