Guide to create ads on Instagram

Finally the moment has come to share my impressions on the Instagram advertising. I have decided to create a guide with all the steps you need to make to create ads on Instagram. Many of you will have access and you still do not know it, this is due to the fact that it is not so “easy”, it is a little hidden. Through this guide I share you how to activate advertising on Instagram, how to create ads, some better practices, and at last my personal impressions about the ads campaigns on Instagram.

Guide to create ads on Instagram 

1. Set your accounts to access advertising on Instagram

To be able to make ads on Instagram, the first thing you will have to do is link your Instagram account with your Facebook fans page. For this do the following:

  • Enter your fans page
  • Go to settings
  • Select Instagram Ads and link your account to Instagram







  • When your account is synchronized it should appear like this:







2. Check that you access to Instagram Ads through the Power Editor

The second step and most important is to verify if you have activated the advertising on Instagram. For this verification make the following steps:

  • Enter Facebook Ads and select Power Editor.
  • In the superior menu click on the button “download to Power Editor” to have a synchronization of your recent ads.
  • After you download everything click “create campaign”. If when doing this step a banner appears such as the one below, it means your advertising is activated.







  • Define a name for your campaign and brand for the option clicks to web page. If you have the advertising activated you will see “create ads for Instagram.”





  • Then define an ad set (group of advertisements) name and click the button create.
  • Select ad set in the left menu.
  • Then select your ad set and click edit.
  • When all the configuration is deployed, look for the option “placement” and see if Instagram appears as one more location. I leave you this image as an example:
















With these steps you can verify if you have your account ready to create ads. If it does not appear, I recommend you various things:

  • Enter and leave from Power Editor various times.
  • Click “download to power editor” various times.
  • If it still does not work, I recommend you to be patient and wait for it to activate.

3. How to create ads on Instagram (step by step)

To create ads on Instagram you have to use Power Editor as I showed you before. The ads campaigns for Facebook and Instagram in Power Editor are created the following way:

  • Select the option to create a new campaign and choose your objective for ads on Instagram: take traffic to your web or video visualizations.
  • Define the name of your ad set (group of advertisements) and select the button create.
  • Go to the ad sets section and choose the option edit. When the page opens you will have to:
    • Define your campaign budget
    • Define the campaign duration
    • Define your audience by country, age, interests, etc…
    • Define Instagram as your ads locations and remove the check symbol from the other sites of Facebook. This way your campaign will only be viewed on Instagram. I leave you an example of how to do it below:













After setting up this basic part, you will have to click on create an ad. Define the name it will have and set up the following:

  • The Facebook page you have linked with your Instagram account and then it will give you the option to chose your Instagram account.
  • Define the destiny link of the button “call to action”.
  • Write the text of your ads. You have 300 characters to seduce the users, but Instagram recommends that the text of your ads do not pass the 150 characters.
  • Upload the image of your ad (I recommend you the squared format with the measures 1080px X 1080px)
  • Select the call to action that you want of the list that offers the Power Editor.
  • At last, in the creation of your ad you will have to add the pixel tracking. Look at an example of how the ads panel will be when you have everything completed.


















  • Once you have your campaign, ads set, and individual ads created you will have to select the top green button “upload changes” so that your campaign is uploaded to Power Editor and then validated on Facebook and Instagram.

Better practices for ads on Instagram

In the following I share some tips for your ads on Instagram.

  • It is better to use the squared format (1080px X 1080px) than the rectangular format. The ad is much more appreciated.
  • The minimum measure for horizontal ads is of 600px X 315px and for squared ads 600px X 600px.
  • The ads on Instagram as well on Facebook only let you add 20% of image text.
  • Create different ads for a same campaign, that way you can validate the style your audience prefers and which is less expensive.
  • Add calls to action in your image or video and you will see the results duplicated. Look at these examples:













  • Be careful when editing your ads because Instagram automatically will reset and eliminate all the likes and comments of the previous ad. Basically it creates you a new one.
  • Instagram Ads works really well with mobile applications, the conversion rate is very good.
  • The videos on Instagram cannot have more than 30 seconds and cannot weight more than 30MB.
  • Highlight the hashtag of your campaign in the post, so it is not missed in the description.

To end with the recommendations, I remind you that it is the best moment to make tests, the advertising is being very cheap and not all brands are taking advantage of this new advertising method. Dedicate your time to create different campaigns with different ads to discover what is it that your audience needs and wants on Instagram.

My first impression of Instagram Ads

To conclude this guide (that I pretend to continue updating in the future), I want to share my first impressions.

1. The click to website is very cheap

I have tried various campaigns and I have been talking with some friends and we have all paid just 0.01€ or 0.02€ for every click to website. This is very cheap compared to other platforms, even Facebook.

2. Obtain good followers

Although campaigns are for taking traffic to a web, downloads, or obtain views on videos, you will obtain much more followers if your ad is segmented well.

3. Prepare for SPAM

There are a lot of users that will write you that they feel invaded, that their account is private and you have crashed their account. Others will tell you they do not want to see your ads. In reality it is a demand to Instagram, but they leave it in your comments and this could affect if you invest a lot of money or influences other users.

4. The engagement rate is awesome

People tend to click “like” with more facility on Facebook. Since it is such a visual network, it is easier for the user. This I have seen it in sales campaigns, I suppose in promotion and branding campaigns would be even better.


I hope my guide about Instagram has been useful, I will be updating it to help you more. If you have any doubts, you can leave a comment and I will be delighted to talk.

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