Guide to create posts with a lot of repercussion

Before you continue reading, I inform you that this post includes the steps before, during, and after creating a post. This is the only way to create an almost perfect formula that will help you obtain more repercussion with the content you are currently creating. Everything I will share is based in my own experience and it is adapted so that any professional with the desire to do good things, can do it 😉 In the following I will be guiding you with the post structure, tools, and actions to make to reach a lot virality in your content. At the end why limit yourself when you can make a lot of one post.

Structure for posts with a lot of repercussion

  • Striking introduction, you have to capture the attention of your reader in the first 10 seconds, if not you lose it all.
  • It will always be better long than short. But only make long content if they are really good and interesting.
  • Add subtitles to divide strategically your content. There is an art to know how to structure in such a way that it is interesting and maintains a good thematic.
  • Lean on audiovisual content, here I leave you an example:
    • Striking headline
    • Every two or three paragraphs insert an image or mini infographic

Tools to create posts with a lot of repercussion

Before explaining what you have to do, I invite you to know the tools that can help you create posts with much more repercussion:

  • Good and FREE image banks
    • – free images of high resolution.
    • FreePik – a searcher that has all types of images, icons, illustrations, and vectors for FREE.
    • Flickr Creative Commons – search in the biggest social network those images you have the right to use.
  • Tools to create images and infographics
    • Canva – without a doubt the best tool for NON designers that allows to create graphic pieces for blogs and social networks.
    • PiktoChart – a platform that allows you to create infographics without needing to know about design.
    • Power Point – even though you may not believe it, with this basic tool you can make many things.
  • Promotion tools
    • Good widget to share posts on social networks
    • Click To Tweet plugin to create easy tweets to share in a post.

Actions before creating a post

  • Work your structure well, though always leave space so that your creativity allows you to add or remove things in relation to the relevance they have.
  • Look for visual supports that you have to make your content more attractive.
  • Make sure that you have highlighted well the options to share your post, I am a believer of always having one floating in the left side and another at the end of the post.

Actions at the moment of creating a post

Start writing all your content, for this I recommend to alternate writing with complementary design pieces, because this helps you relax and want to take the other parts to write with more enthusiasm. In the following I will show you all the ways you have inside a post to obtain more repercussion of your content:

1 – Add remarkable phrases with the option to tweet

This way not only allows you to give a social touch to your post, it also helps you increasing the tweets you obtain in your post. You can include various in one post, some secondary headlines and other with interesting content or even with tweetable images. I use Click To Tweet to integrate this tool in my WordPress. I leave you some examples:



By my own experience, this is format that best works. Here I explain how to obtain the pic.twitter (upload the picture to your Twitter and when you publish it copy the URL and set it up in your widget Click To Tweet.)

2 – Add downloadable content

One of the content strategies that work best in my blog are the downloadable content, through them I can increase my online communities and capture thousands of subscribers to the newsletter. Without a doubt something that comes in handy for any blogger. In this case I want to focus on the virality in social networks, if you tell your readers that they can download a content in exchange of a tweet, share or share in G+ you will be making them share your post and that way reaching more people.

Actions after creating a post

  • Promote your posts again in your online channels, especially on Twitter with different headlines and images that you have included in the post.
  • Analyze the Social Share that your post is having to see if you have really obtained to create a post with a lot of repercussion.
  • Link your new posts to others that you already have in your blog.

3 – Add a Twitter contest

When creating a Twitter contest you can put it inside your blog post. In the mechanic if you select tweet + follow, you can make the URL to be shared the one on your blog posts and that way obtain more virality of your content. This is an ideal way to capture participants at the same time you are promoting the contest.

4 – Integrate G+ comments to your blog

Instead of using the predetermined comments you can integrate G+ comments and that way obtain more virality in your content.

Actions after creating a post

Do not think that everything ends when you write and publish, just in that moment is when your promotional efforts begin ? If you do not promote your own content, no one will do it for you. In the following I share some ideas:

  • Send a newsletter with the content and other of interest to your community.
  • Publish in the next days the same post with different images.
  • Publish the post with different headlines or play saying “Remember this post”.
  • Link this new post to other existing ones.
  • Share the post on social networks in a different way for every channel.

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