Facebook Lead Ads guide: How to easily capture leads

Pretty sure that many of you have seen that Facebook launched a new advertising format called Facebook Lead Ads. This is the new format that allows you to capture data of your potential customers without them needing to logout of Facebook. With this type of ads we obtain more conversions and facilitate the exchange of data and resources between brands and customers. To help you take advantage of this type of ads I have created this practical, simple, and effective guide. Read it until the end because I will share some tips.

How does Facebook Lead Ads work

Before digging deeper into how to create a Lead Ads, I would like to explain how this advertising format works. I have created a graph to summarize the process although I would like to detail every step.

how does facebook ads work

  1. Create an ads campaign with Lead Ads.
  2. Your objective audience sees the ad in their mobile Facebook and if it is of their interest they will click it.
  3. A form will open from their mobile asking them for their information they have previously selected.
  4. When the users complete the form they are redirected to the page you want (thank you page, download page, etc…)
  5. If you automatize Facebook Lead Ads with tools such as ConnectLeads you can leave an automatic email to send the promised content or the confirmation of the form.
  6. If you do not automatize when Facebook helps you obtain a register in the form you have to download all the data from your fans page.

In the next part of the guide I will explain step by step how to create an ad with Facebook Lead Ads.

Why bet on Lead Ads?

  • Because it is an easy way to ask for the information of your objective audience. The users Facebook already recognizes their information and they only have to send the form.
  • Because it allows you to capture more leads with your traditional ads and take traffic to a landing page.
  • Because the followers of social networks are fine, but the contact lists are the ones that will help you with the loyalty and sell more.

How to create an ad of Facebook Lead Ads

To create an ads campaign of Lead Ads you will have to follow these steps:

1. Creating the campaign

demo campaign

  • Then you will have to create a new ads set to configure it step by step.

2. Configure your ads set

  • To configure your ads set you have to start by choosing your fans page.
  • The daily budget: I recommend you to start with 5-10 dollars to validate your campaign and then increase the budget.
  • Define the start and finish date of your campaign, I recommend you minimum a week between one and the other.
  • The most important part is the audience, that you will have to divide by:
    • Personalized audiences from your email lists, database, telephone lists, etc…
    • Locations
    • Demographic information (age, gender, education, type of relation, etc…)
    • Interests
    • Behaviors
    • Connections
  • Choose the type of optimization: leave it in Leads (to maximize the capture of users)
 To get to your objective audience remember to use the functionality of Facebook Ads to include or exclude certain interests, personalized audiences, locations, and demographic information.

3. Configure your ads

After defining your ads set you have to create each ad. I recommend you to have minimum 4-6 different ads to try texts and images and that way maximize your results. In the ads configuration the most important thing is to create your first form with the following steps:

  • Give a name to your form
  • Choose the language
  • Select the data you want to ask from the list or add new fields

  • Then you will have to link all the privacy policies of your company (this is a mandatory field).
  • For last you will have to choose the destiny web page of your new captured leads. I recommend you to be a thank you page with instructions that they have to confirm or wait for the download email.

Once you have the form created you will have to configure your ad like any other with texts, headlines, showed link, image, call to action button.

4A. Download your leads

To download the leads of your Facebook Lead Ads campaigns you will have to go to your fans page, then select the publication tool and there you will see a section of Leads Ads Forms. You will be able to download in .cvs the list of the captured leads to import them to your CRM or Email Marketing tool.

4B. Automatize Lead Ads with ConnectLeads


Automatize your captures through Facebook Lead Ads with ConnectLeads. This has been one of the best purchases I have made. I bought it since it came out with a licence for life because I will use it a lot. Basically with ConnectLeads we can send in an automatic way all the new registers to our Email Marketing tool.

With this tool the process is easier and more effective. For example:

  • Create a Lead Ads campaign to gift an e-book.
  • The users complete the form.
  • Automatically the e-book is sent or the subscription confirmation link.

This way you save the tedious step of having to daily export your list of captured Leads captured by Facebook to your Email Marketing tool.





Lead Ads vs capturing Landing pages 

For the moment both solutions have worked for me; but in digits I have to confess that for the same product with same images and texts in the ads, the capturing through landing pages has turned out to be cheaper. I leave you a screenshot of my results, although later I will make a new challenge to try directly which one is more effective.

capture leads

Tips for Facebook Leads

  • Select that only appears the ad to users that are connected to WI-FI because probably the users will be in their office or house and will have more time to complete the form and see well your ad. This is if your ad is related to professional topics. 
  • If you want to know how privacy policies use the ConnectLeads generator.
  • Make A/B tests of forms to see how your audience reacts.
  • Make two capturing campaigns, one with Lead Ads and the other with traffic to a capturing landing page to see which works best.
  • Use double opt-in for your captures through Lead Ads, this way you will have better qualified leads.
  • Activate your auto-responders campaigns for your new leads and maintain their loyalty since the beginning.
  • Use Lead Ads to create contests with new prospects or your own Facebook fans.
  • Facebook Ad Leads will have some cons, but it will be worth it.

I hope this guide helps you create better ad campaigns to capture leads. If you have any doubts or suggestions, write it in a comment.

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