How to easily upload pictures to Instagram from your computer

 I have been informed that this application could generate problems if we use it in an abusive form and with the issue of hashtags. It is recommended to use an Android emulator to upload pictures from a computer. I have been trying it and it has not presented errors, but it is my duty to inform you.

While I was searching in the Internet for tricks to share with my community, I found a useful and free tool for Instagram. It is Gramblr, a tool that allows you to upload images to your Instagram account from your computer. Something that with no doubt will speed up the marketing management online in Instagram.

Why is this tool helpful

  • Because it allows to create images in your computer and upload them directly to Instagram.
  • Because it is free and functional.
  • Because it allows you to manage easily and quickly multiple accounts. For example, you can use one from a mobile phone and another from the computer.

Tool disadvantages

  • It does not allow programming pictures.
  • It does not allow to have multiple accounts simultaneously.

Template to create images in your computer

If you want to create images directly in your computer, I offer you the download of templates for Instagram of Photoshop and Power Point.
Download PSD Template (Photoshop)
Download PPT Template (Power Point)

Recommendations to upload images to Instagram

Below I leave you with some tips you can apply when you upload images from your computer:

  • Add a signature to your content.
  • Use different frames of your own to make your images look different.
  • Add fonts to your content, use your own to reinforce your corporate image.
  • Add your logo always and when it does not interfere and is readable.
  • Fit your images to always highlight the best or simply leave them at their actual size with superior edges.
  • If you combine images, do it well, if not, highlight only one image.

How does the Gramblr tool work

It is very simple, you download the tool through the web page and install it in your computer. Once you do this, the rest is simple:

  • Login with your Instagram user and password.
  • Select the picture that you want to upload.
  • Determine the picture description.
  • The picture uploads directly to your Instagram account.
Download Application


Other tools to program content from the computer

  • Schedugram – a tool with payment that allows you to upload content to different Instagram accounts that you manage.
  • Onlypult – a tool that allows you to upload content through your computer. It has a good text editor to create better messages. The first 7 days are free.

I hope these tips and tools will help you ?

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