Checklist to design an online marketing strategy that really works

Designing an online marketing strategy is a task that requires a lot of time to investigate and a lot of time to design something that really fits with the predetermined objectives you have with your brand. So that you do not miss anything in this process I invite you to review every point exposed in the following checklist ?

Actions before designing a strategy

Business objectives -> marketing objectives

A strategy is the how of the marketing and business objectives that your brand has, so have them very clear to later prepare something totally adapted to your situation.

business objectives


Besides having clear what you want, I recommend you to have super clear what the budget you have to execute your strategy is, even if it is an estimate. There are strategies that are very cool, but require a lot of investment. When we talk about budget you can also count the qualitative part besides the quantitative, for example:

  • Available hours with your marketing team.
  • Available tools to design and implement your strategy.
  • Available resources, for example: Blog.
  • Budget to create strategy.
  • Budget to implement and distribute the content strategy.

Although it may seem a lie, the fact of having a low budget makes the best ideas to emerge, so do not get discouraged if you have little.

Situation analysis

Make an analysis of what you have or have obtained with your brand in before actions, before starting to create new things. Maybe your strategy is based on improving what you have, but you would not know that if you do not make this analysis.

analysis current situation

In the other hand, you will have to analyze other interesting things like:

  • What is happening in the environment of your brand
  • What is your competition doing

Your audience

Although every brand has its predetermined target, not all strategies are for every audience in general, here I leave you some examples:

  • Marketing objective – Capture new customers in your online store.
  • Strategy – Implement Facebook Ads to take possible customers to the web.
  • Audience – division with parameters of the audience of the brand, but just for those that are not customers and maybe neither fans of the brand.

Another example would be the following:

  • Marketing objective – Increase the sales of current customers.
  • Strategy – Implement Facebook Ads for the customers of the store.
  • Audience – a campaign directed exclusively to users that are customers (with the custom audiences of Facebook you can import the emails of your customers and that way focus that campaign only to them.)

Actions at the moment of creating a strategy

15 questions to design a functional strategy

If when making yourself these questions the majority are positive it means that the strategy that you have designed has a lot of possibilities to succeed ?

  1. Do you think your strategy will really connect with your audience and will obtain conversions? Basically, do you think they will share those content or will simply click to know more?
  2. The budget you have designed is really correct or could you do it with less investment?
  3. The strategy you have designed has metrics that will help you in the analysis of conversions? It is really important that you have clear how to analyze the ROI of your strategy.
  4. Do you have a team capable of executing your strategy? Everything is really pretty when we draw it, but executing it is a different thing ?
  5. Is your strategy adapted to the current situation of your brand and of the environment in general? Not turn out that what you want to do is very old or does not fit with your reality as a brand.
  6.  Are you 100% sure that your strategy helps accomplishing your marketing objectives?
  7. The place of conversion for your strategy is optimized? For example, if you want to increase sales you will have to make that increase easy by having an optimized store ?
  8. Your strategy is focused on one or multiple channels? It does not matter which is your choice, there are strategies for one channel, the problem is when there are multiple channels and you copy-paste these, that is not right.
  9. The copy of your strategy is clear and concise? What you want to transmit has to be understood real good, if not it will be very difficult that you obtain a good conversion.
  10. Do you have a lot of formats to communicate your strategy? Forget about limiting yourself to just one type of content, you will have to try to generate different formats to make your message reach everyone.
  11. Have you saved a budget to distribute the content of your strategy? If you do not invest in your content, no one else will ?
  12. Do you have a way to monitor every day your strategy to see if it is working? Sometimes with simple tools this monitoring is possible, the important is to make sure that you have the team to monitor and the tools ?
  13. Is your strategy really relevant? At this point what is irrelevant no one will notice.
  14. Your strategy is focused on your brand or on your audience? If you want to have more possibilities to succeed I recommend that you focus on the audience.
  15. Is it really what you need or more likely what you would want to have but can wait?

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