All you need is content and strategy

17 Ideas to sell online courses and services withouth dying in the attempt

Creating the content of your online course or creating the program of your mentoring or consulting service will take you many hours, days, weeks, and even months. Nevertheless, your course or service without registering is nothing. This is why I always say that the promotion of your course or service is the 80% of the […]

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[Practical Guide] What is Facebook Pixel, how does it work and how is it set?

A year ago Facebook launched a new format to measure conversions called Facebook Pixel. With this new feature the social network drove us crazy. Many of us had to dedicate hours to understand the new way of conversion, that in reality is more simple and practical. In this guide-post I will summarise how this new pixel […]

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How to set your currency on Facebook Pixel

When you make a lot of Facebook Ads campaigns you usually use Facebook Pixel to measure each of your conversions. The principal conversion is the generated sales through advertisement ads. If your account has a predetermined currency that is not of your country, keep reading and look at the codes for each country to personalize your Facebook […]

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