The best WordPress plugins for your blog

After changing the design of my blog and eliminated and added again just the best plugins I have decided to make a compilation. To make this summary better I will divide it in categories.

Plugins to share content


With this plugin you can highlight the share buttons at the end or at the beginning of the post as well in the side parts.



With this plugin we can make some phrases of the post to be twitted and this helps spread more your post. I really recommend this 100%, without mentioning that aesthetically it is really pretty.

Plugin for SEO


Without a doubt the easiest and most effective that I have tried is this plugin. Besides the general configuration of the page or blog, it has a box for each post that helps you position your content in searchers.

plugin seo wordpress

Plugin forms


contact form manager

Plugins to promote content from the blog

If you want to increase the number of seen pages in your blog and the duration of a user you will have to introduce various techniques, plugins are of very good help. After optimizing my blog with category banners, recommendation plugins, and promotion is when I reached 1.400.000 seen pages in 1 year in my blog.


With this plugin you can highlight in the superior part of the blog what you need. I use it to promote my downloadable e-books.


With this plugin you can easily add images or gifs with links in an easy way without having to use HTML codes nor depend on a template that does have these widgets. With this technique I assure that my readers will navigate for a longer time.



With this plugin you can add at the end of your posts news related to also encourage people to stay longer navigating in the web. Besides it offers the possibility that your content is promoted in other blogs if you let other blogs post in yours. This is all automatic, you would only have to give consent. I do not have everything activated because I take a lot of care of content, but to many this works.


Plugins to offer content in exchange of actions


Through this plugin I can offer through the blog downloadable content in exchange of social actions such as: a follow in Twitter, tweet, like or share in Facebook, +1, etc. Also it includes analytics to measure the total number of downloads and for every social action. It is a paid plugin, but I assure you it is worth every €.

social lockers


With this plugin you can offer content in exchange that they subscribe to your newsletter. It works real well, the download you define appears to people and then they receive an email with the same content, if you want to ?

And also you can use Rapidology (the Leadpages free plugin to get more leads)

Other cool plugins

  • Facebook Like Box to add the option as a widget that your readers with just one click follow your fan page, this has given me a good % of the fans in my page.
  • Disqus – for comments, without a doubt it is much prettier and easier for readers that want to leave comments. I say this because before I had a basic WordPress comment system and when they leave a lot of comments it is horrible.
  • Captain Favicon – for if your template does not come with the option to upload a favicon.
  • Private Only – it helps you to put your blog private in case you have to make any change.
  • Stealth Publish it helps you to publish a post without it being published in social networks, it is good to upload old content.  Thanks to Clara Ávila for the recommendation ?
  • WooCommerce – to sell without much complications in the blog.
  • Pretty Link to create personalized links with your domain, for example, if I wanted to promote my link of affiliation with Amazon I could create
  • Image Banner Widget to create clickable banners in the sidebar of your blog.
  • Selz or Gumroad to sell products.
  • Sumome to capture subscribers with popup, superior bar, and other ways.
  • Default Post Content so your posts are always with predetermined content at the beginning (for example: subscription box, last posts, etc..)

I hope this plugins helps you with your blog.

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