The best tools to create content in the Internet

After seeing the success of the post “How to create a content strategy step by step” I have decided to create a post with the best tools to create content in the Internet. Do not think this post is only for tools to create, the process of content goes way farther than just creating, it includes the conception (idea), execution, promotion, and analysis. I will be sharing my favorite tools to create content in the Internet by categories. I hope it helps you ?

Tools for healing content

You do not have to be the most creative to create good content, you have to be the most curious, the one who knows about all the new things of your industry and the most clever to inspire yourself from the good of other people and avoid making the same mistakes that other companies of your industry have made. This is my list for healing content in the Internet:

  • Feedly – through this tool I can read all the related blogs to my topics and of course I can be closer to my competition.
  • Evernote – with this tool I can store content that I am interested in reading with more calm and the ones I want to have for further consultation of content I will later create.
  • Google Trends – to know the trends of my industry in searchers.
  • Storify – excellent tool to create history based on existing content in social networks.

Then you always have the social networks that through hashtags you can identify the trends.

Email Marketing tools

Tools to create better headlines

  • Portent – to create better headlines (in English)
  • Hubspot – to generate different title options.

Tools to create content and design

  • Slideshare  to create presentations that later can be found in searchers.
  • Snapito – to create complete screen shots of web pages.
  • Bloonder  to create online contests in social networks and blogs.
  • Typeform  to create nice and effective polls.
  • Userfedora – to create online formation schools. Thanks to Val for the tool.
  • Meme Generator – to create memes rapidly.
  • Recitethis – to create phrases with attractive designs.
  • Tint – to create a dashboard with content extracted from social networks.
  • ChartBlocks – ideal to create the prettiest and sexiest graphics that your web needs and your brand deserves.
  • Canva – the simplest tool to create graphic pieces of all kinds.
  • Skitch – if you want to graphically highlight elements in an image this is the tool of Evernote that will come in handy.
  • Thinglink – to create interactive images.
  • Piktochart – to create infographics that later you can export in your web.
  • Design pack for marketers (non designers) – includes headlines, templates to create e-books, presentations, icons, illustrations, and much more.

Tools to create content in video

  • Awesome Screenshot – to capture your screen, write down things, and later share them. Very good for tutorials.
  • Cloudapp  it allows you to record videos capturing your screen, if they are short you export in GIF, if they are long in conventional video formats. Ideal to share tutorials.
  • Screenflow – an awesome MAC tool to record online courses, it also allows to edit and then export them in HD.
  • Videolean – a perfect tool to create promotional videos for your brand without having to know about editing videos.
  • Powtoon – to create animated videos without having to know about design.

Tools to store content

Is you are going to create content with a lot of repercussion, I recommend that you choose carefully where you store them to avoid surprises. For example, the typical tools to store are:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Box

The problem with these tools is that if you receive a lot of traffic they block your content, therefore I recommend you to use:

To store audiovisual content I recommend Vimeo, that way you can always have a copy in high resolution and then Youtube to distribute them and obtain more impact.

Promotion tools

You know my theory: “It does not matter how good your content is, if you do not share it, it will seem as if it is bad.” This is why it is important that you always have in mind the different tools that help us amplify our content.

  • Click to tweet – WordPress plugin to insert phrases that can be shared.
  • Reembed – to share with personalized players content in videos that you have published in Youtube.
  • Sumome  to highlight the share buttons in our online content.
  • Social Locker – to offer content in exchange of the users sharing the content from your web.
  • Bufferapp – to share content from your web or blog in various social networks in a simple way.

Any good tool that I missed?

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