Free Social Media Mini Pack

Social Media Mini Pack

Sign up on the Social Media Mini Pack through which I will share:

  • Identify the main failures of conversion on profiles or social pages
  • How to make a mini audit for social networks
  • How to quickly create a content plan
  • How to make a promotion for your content with the help of a calendar  
  • How to determine a budget for Social Media

The free Mini Social Media Pack can be your best allied for content planning. Let me show you how!

What does the Mini Pack include?

  • An editorial calendar template to create the best promotion plan for your contents. 
  • An EXPRESS guide to make a mini audit for social networks (ideal if you are a Community Manager or freelance of Digital Marketing). 
  • A quick guide to create a content plan (Including target, objectives, type of content, and more). 
  • A super template to make the best Social Media budget.


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