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Here you will find my latest premium and free resources, so you can train with me on the main topics of Digital Marketing. Since 2011, I have trained thousands of professionals through my online formations and today you can join the group of users who have the desire to learn and improve more.

Reasons to train with me

Practical resources

Resources include tutorial videos and other contents that will help you implement all the knowledge you have obtained more easily and effectively.

Editable resources

Each resource includes a contents library filled with practical guides, templates, etc., that will help you better in your learning process.


Free & Premium Resources

You will have the best of the best free and premium resources in this academy related to the topics of Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media, etc.

Free Resources


Checklist to create an online MKT strategy

If you are looking to create a perfect online marketing strategy and make sure you have got all the main points, this checklist will help you perfectly with that.

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Free Social Media Mini Pack

Improve your skills and performance in social media management with this free mini pack that includes guides, templates, etc.

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Templates pack to create a list of topics

If you want to create a list of topics for your online course effectively and organized, this pack of templates will simplify your life by doing so.

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Social Media Pack

I present to you my most complete pack of Social Media created for freelancers and agencies that want to get more clients and offer better solutions to current ones. This pack has dozens of resources, such as: e-books, templates, guides and more that will help you obtain the objectives your clients desire.



About Vilma Núñez, Ph.D

I am a consultant, professor, mentor, Ph.D and speaker of international digital marketing and business. I am a co-founder of Bloonder Contest, Bloonder Academy and tycSocial.

My work basically consists on helping to enhance the business of brands and professionals through marketing strategies of content and social networks. In my work with agencies or as an entrepreneur I have had the good fortune to work with the best brands such as Ron Barceló, Benchmark Email, Viva Wyndham Resorts, and Coca-Cola.

In the last three years, I have written several e-books. In addition, I have trained hundreds of professionals each month through my classrooms and online formations in Spain, Latin America and Miami. Some of the companies that I have done in-house training are Banco Santander, Scweppes, and Viva Wyndham Resorts.

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