7 tactics to make the most of ads on Facebook Ads

Some days ago I broke the record of assistance in one of my webinars, 1400 people connected to learn to convert more with Facebook Ads. Today I want to share some of the tactics I revealed in the webinar with you. Facebook Ads is the best ally if we know how to use it, it means nothing to create any type of campaign, we need to be strategists and analysts if we really want to convert. With my recommendation you will see how you will obtain better results because small changes can always give big results.

Tactics to obtain more clicks on your ads

I want to show you some tactics I practice to obtain much more clicks on my ads of Facebook Ads, you can try them too and you will see how your CTR will increase.

1. Change your visible link for convincing text

In the ads of Facebook, the social network will ask you the final destiny link and then how you want the link to appear.

In the majority of occasions you would put the principal page of your web, nevertheless, you can take advantage of this space to put convincing text that will help you obtain more clicks.

2. Add a link in your description

Do not lose the opportunity of obtaining more clicks and take advantage of the space of your description to include the destiny link of your ad. I leave you an example of my ads and below I share two important tips before practicing this tactic with your campaigns.

 TIPS 1. Your link should be in the first four lines of your ad so that it can be seen. 2. Use a personalized link in the description. This way you can measure the clicks you received through this link and then compare with the rest of the links of your ad.

3. Add a call to action on your images

The majority of users that view your ads do no click on the button shop now or ask for more information. They click the images, this is why you should take advantage of this opportunity to maximize your click rate on your ads.


More tactics to convert more with Facebook Ads

4. Personalize the description of your ads

Before I recommended to include a link on your description to increase your clicks, now I want to recommend you to always divide your description in lines and that you lean on symbols to highlight the most important.

5. From organic to paid

Do not get crazy designing and looking for images or illustrations for your ads without first reviewing the organic content that have worked best for you. For my ads of Triunfagram, I use images in an organic way that work better for me. The result is brutal, more CTR and bigger conversions. Try it and tell me how it goes.

6. Use different ad formats

When people think about ads, they think about images, leaving behind the formats that can be equally or more effective for your advertising target. In your next campaign I suggest to try new ad formats.

To put you a more practical example, imagine I launch a campaign to sell an online course and I do these tests with types of ads:

  • Campaigns with images that highlight the benefits and announce the offer
  • Videos where I appear explaining the benefits and seducing the prospects to buy
  • A carousel with images of each of the benefits of the course and another of CTA

As you see, I would be trying different formats and then I can know which my objective audience prefers.

7. Make A/B tests

Every time I launch a campaign I define a hypothesis and to validate or discard it I make many A/B tests. In the following I share two of my favorites:

  • Put questions on the images and description to try to connect more with the audience. Normally I make questions referring to their most important problems.
  • In many ads of cold sales I like to put the price to prefilter prospects. If with the price they click they already know the cost.

I hope these 7 tactics help you convert more because they work for wonderfully for me.

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