5 Marketing strategies that render a successful business in 2017

 Guest author post Junaid Ali Qureshi

It takes only one brilliant idea to turn your future around and when you have five at hand, you can do wonders without a doubt. Coming up with a business idea, combining it with other essential factors which rule the success and, actually executing the plan by running the business line is a tough job. This job requires several actions to be taken and multiple other jobs to be done.

Where do you see your business industry when you talk about its success in the coming years? Most business men response to this question by the amount of profit they wish to make or in terms of the popularity of their business they want in the coming years. Few others say that they wish to become dominant in their product field and beat their competitors.

Every business owner has a different concept of a successful business. Each one of them has participated and carried out various marketing strategies which have helped them along the way to bring their business line at a higher rank. But as the year 2017 takes its journey ahead, which marketing strategies would help bring fortunes to the business project are still undecided.

Read ahead to find out the five best marketing strategies of 2017!

The secret of the five marketing strategies that can help you fill the gap between you and your next flying destination are unveiled below. Before we move towards that, there’s a very important question we need to answer for all the beginners and startup projects.

How does marketing strategy help escalate the business?

The most important thing to do after starting a business is to decide the brand’s marketing strategies. Many successful business men honor the marketing strategies so much that they have them figured out even before the launch of the business project. This helps in creating brand awareness and in increasing the number of customers and the conversion rate as well. The more the people know about the product, the better are the chances that they’ll jump on the opportunity to buy it.

Thus, your business’s marketing strategies are the key elements that decide whether your brand will be recognized in the world outside or not!

5 success marketing strategies unveiled:

  1. Perk up your content marketing techniques for better results

Gone are the days when viewers were impressed by the casually written marketing posts. With the advancement in lifestyle standards, innovation in the marketing techniques and creativeness of the digital marketers at hand, the content delivery style has cranked up a notch as well.

Readers now look for creative, out of the box content. They are only interested in reading posts that benefit them in one way or another. The viewers like to see their favorite brands beating others in competition and doing so by making attractive offers to its users. One of the greatest improvements in 2017 regarding the content marketing strategies is the introduction and prevalence of visual content marketing.

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Visual content marketing offers different methods that you can opt for content marketing purposes. Starting from the videos and going all the way along with memes, images, infographics and what not!

The native short videos are the easiest way to deliver all the important content to the user. Even the viewers prefer to watch a 2 to 3-minutes video and get the related information within less time. Moreover, the concept of helpful, illustrative images and funny memes is also spreading. It never hurts to laugh a bit, right? And in this serious routine of hard work, everyone prefers to get some entertainment via the internet and social media networks.

Do focus on the SEO techniques

Whatever you write, draw or create on the software, make sure it goes by the SEO rules. The search engine optimization is the key to getting a higher rank on the Google and other search engine’s first page. The correct SEO techniques and tricks help in driving more and more traffic to your website and is an ideal way to enhance the brand’s sales and profits.

  1. Interact with your customers through different mediums

Another important marketing strategy you should go for to achieve your business goals is increasing interaction with your customers. The viewers and customers like to know that whether the brand they are so interested in is alive or not. Do they appreciate their interest or not?

It is very important to create a communication platform between the brand’s people and the customers to satisfy and support them. This is done by actively participating in the question and answer forum, commenting on the customer’s post, giving out big shout-outs to the users, by giving away winning discount and, by valuing their opinion and reviews.

Carrying out webinars is another medium to get in touch with the customers and product users. It is a very useful way through which the hosting expert can deliver his information, updates and valid news to the attendees and answer their questions as well. Several fine software for conducting webinars are present in the market. To avail the two-way communication feature, go for the known and best ones.

  1. Make social media networks your right shoulder

Aha! These days, without the product launch on the social media platforms, a business line is nothing at all. Our number three marketing strategy asks you to become a social media freak. Yes! You heard it right. The year 2017 is all about Facebooking the news, tweeting the latest gossip, putting images on Snap Chat and uploading product/service picture on Instagram.


The use of smartphones and the introduction of android and iOS applications have increased the use of social media networks by the people. Now everyone, whether he is a student or a chef, doctor, engineer, fashion designer or software engineer; is looking for the relevant information they can get on the social media networks for their assistance. They spend most of their time scrolling up and down the pages of these applications. Thus, this gives a perfect edge to the social media agency UAE and marketers around the world to spread awareness regarding the product. All you have to do is keep your business brand present on these social media accounts/ pages to get more likes and appreciation.

  1. Target customers through E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is a wonderful marketing strategy to get more customers in the year 2017. It is mainly a customized approach towards the customers who are regular buyers and who appreciate the product more than others. It is essential to keep their morals high and support them by interacting with them on a personal level and, email marketing is the best way to do so.


By updating the email contact list and sending informative, helpful and creative emails to your customers help by keeping their support intact. These customers get all the latest news and updates before others and rush to the stores to get the product. This helps a lot in increasing the return on investment. It also shows that by targeting few numbers of customers but the potential ones, a business line can succeed a lot.

Tips to send out effective emails

Email marketing comes with its rules and regulations too. Not every email sent out by the marketer is loved by the people. Below are the few tips that will help you ace email marketing. Do follow them and look for other effective ones too.

  • Decide the number of emails you’re going to send out every week. The customers might not like too much interference.
  • Come up with an attractive subject line
  • Address the customers with great respect
  • Send short videos, images and other stimulating visual content in the email
  1. Host webinars, launch campaigns and participate in different events

The fifth marketing strategy that we are about to reveal is already in practice by many Dubai web design companies. It includes increasing your online and offline presence in the world. This can be done by hosting webinars (as discussed above), carrying out launching campaigns and attending different events and conferences to publicize your service and product. The launching campaigns help in creating the awareness of your new brand among the people. The populace gets to know about your brand, its services, and features even before it is actually launched. Once the launch date is near, you’ll see that you’ll have a lot of followers. Attending various events and conferences helps in a similar manner. You can speak at these events and win over the people attending the event through your strong and influential communication skills.

A business industry can gain success as soon as the right marketing strategy is framed. Whichever strategy you pick from above, just make sure you think it through and execute it in a profitable manner.

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