5 Effective Tips to Create Strong, Appealing, and Engaging Content In 2017

 Guest author post Abi Cool

Content is the key now whether you are a traditional service provider or a high-tech company selling solutions. When your website, social media page or your website is visited the first thing to notice is your content, and the sort of information you are providing. Apart from the obvious of keeping it mistake free and keeping it to the point, please find below the 5 effective tips for creating strong, appealing and engaging content in 2017:

Understand your Audience

You’re writing for your audience, but do you know what your audience are looking for? If you are writing about shoes do you know what kind of shoes your audience has been looking for and what sort of information they are looking for? If you don’t then you are probably not writing according to what they need. One of the most effective keys for writing engaging and appealing content is to write according to what your audience wants. If you understand your audience and write according to what they are looking for they will automatically interact more with your posts. An effective way to follow this tip is to stay updated on latest trends and see what sort of posts audience is engaging with in your specific niche and then write accordingly.

Include Influencers

Influencers have a great hold over consumers, and they effect the buying and selling decisions of online consumers. If you add influencers to your content and add their opinions your posts will automatically gain more popularity which is your goal in 2017, if you want to improve your visibility.

Add Visuals

Nobody likes reading through boring and long posts, but if you add interesting visuals, such as informative pictures, infographics and videos then your audience is more likely to show interest in your posts. Colors attract which is a fact and if you add colors and visuals to your posts your audience will automatically engage more with your posts, because even if they don’t read the 10 minutes long post they might scan over the picture or watch the 2 minute video to get a gist of what you are saying.

Keep it Simple

If you are writing long posts that do not make sense with complex and difficult to understand words, then you are not likely to get engagement. The basic rule to follow is to keep it as short and simple as you can. Only add necessary information that is needed and do not add fuller content just to hit the top range of word count. The key to creating good content is always to remember that quality matters more than quantity.

Be Creative and Share Solutions

Nobody likes reading about the same things over and over again, nobody would want to probably read about what your product does, but if you are sharing solutions then engagement on your posts is likely to be high. Consumers are knowledge and solution oriented now and if you want to create appealing content then you need to write about solutions for different problems your audience could have. The key is to focus on your audience/consumers rather than your own products.


Content is the key for promoting your business and if you want to write appealing and engaging content then the key is to keep it simple, divide it into simple to understand and catchy headings and make the titles unique and creative. Miami SEO company can help you in creating quality content and search engine optimization services.




Abi Cool

Director of Search at Marketing Wind – (Miami SEO Company) and is an experienced SEO Outreach expert and advertisement specialist. His interests lie in Digital Marketing Management. He is an internet marketing enthusiast and his specialty is in search engine optimization outreach and content marketing.



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