3 measures for images that work in all social networks

You already know the time it takes to create content, if to this you add all the graphic adaptions we have to do so our content is optimized in all channels, the time is even more. After constantly fighting with this situation, I have decided to investigate and try different formats in all social networks, the result has been good, there are 3 measures that fit all social networks. Besides sharing the measures, I have prepared templates for Photoshop, Illustrator, and Power Point.

Why should you use these 3 measures

  • Because you will save time.
  • Because you will avoid having to adapt a lot of pieces that in the end are identical.
  • Because they really work (I have tried them in all social networks before sharing this post)

5 tips to use these measures 

  1. When you can, always generate two formats of your contents, the horizontal and the vertical, but do not make the same, change something, even if it is a color.
  2. The horizontal format is really good, but be careful with abusing with the space, I recommend little text.
  3. Never use the squared format in Twitter because it crops the image and it does not make sense.
  4. Remember that for Facebook if you are going to promote the content with advertisements you cannot have more than 20% of text. You can verify with this tool.
  5. Although in Pinterest and Google Plus you can use the squared format, the picture frame format makes your content stand out more.

The only 3 measures you need

  • 900px by 900px  – Squared Template (Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, and Facebook)
  • 1280px by 720px – Horizontal Template (Linkedin, Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook)*
  • 735 by 1128px – Picture Frame Template (Pinterest and Google Plus)

*In Twitter you have to leave margins up and down to avoid your image from cropping. 

In the following I share this information in infographic and below you have the templates.

social networks measures for images

Download templates for Illustrator, Photoshop, and Power Point

If you want to speed your design process, I give you templates for Illustrator (.ai), Photoshop (.psd), and Power Point (.ppt) with these 3 measures.


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