25 goals that will boost your online marketing strategy

Objectives are the first step for any marketing strategy, but in reality passing to the next without adding goals would be a mistake according to my experience. For me goals are the qualitative part of all this work, things that maybe in an objective are not very clear, but in a goal yes ? In the following I share the difference between objectives and goals, reasons to define goals, and some examples of goals that you can create to boost your online marketing strategy.

Why do we define goals?

  • Because they boost us to obtain the best.
  • Because they help us want more instead of staying comfort.
  • Because they help us maximize our strategy.

Why is an objective not the same as a goal?

Although it may seem the same, it is not, in the following I give you some examples so you can see the difference between objectives and goals of marketing. Objectives are more determinant and specific, goals are more generic, aspirational, and qualitative. In occasions, goals are intangible and abstract, and even like that they rock ?

Example 1

  • Objective: Obtain more engagement in Facebook
  • Goal: Improve the relation between the brand and fans (more transparency and less sales)

Example 2

  • Objective: Make a public relations campaign to increase sales
  • Goal: Make the TOP 5 media to publish news about the brand

Example 3

  • Objective: Improve customer support in Internet
  • Goal: Reduce the complaints from social networks or simply reduce the time of response through Twitter

25 goals that will boost your online marketing strategy

  • Anticipate the needs of customers before they get angry for customer support, this is obtained by analyzing the petitions that they make even when they do not mention the brand.
  • Increase the time of visit in the conversion web, this is obtained by optimizing the web and making it more attractive.
  • Improve the quality of the captured leads, instead of focusing in quantity focus on quality.
  • Improve the perception that the users of the brand have, with a strategy based on transparency and entertainment this can be obtained.
  • Make customers repeat their purchases because of their gratifying experience.
  • Establish a trust relationship between brand and fans.
  • Change the perception of the fans in relation to something concrete of the brand.
  • Educate customers with content related to the brand, this can be obtained through tutorials and videos.
  • Create a loyalty relationship between brand and fans.
  • Obtain to be published in media of reference to the brand.
  • Know more about the preferences of the audience. Through fast questions this is very easy to know, I leave the example of the artist “El Pescao” who wanted to know the age of his followers and he asked to later get its own media.
  • Generate content that will help convert fans into customers.
  • Create a community instead of a page or profile with thousands of fans that just react sometimes. A community always reacts ?
  • Increase the positive comments related to the brand.
  • Create positive experiences through valuable content and entertainment.
  • Obtain an agreement with partners to get to more people.
  • Increase the recommendations made my customers.
  • Try new ideas and actions that will improve the situation of the brand in Internet.
  • Boost fans to generate content for the brand. This with promotions is easy to obtain.
  • Convert your brand in the leader of its territory.
  • Inspire the audience with fresh ideas to use the products and services of the brand.
  • Obtain to entertain the audience through a good content strategy.
  • Generate constant conversation with the audience.
  • Measure all the actions that you make with your brand to really see the ROI.
  • Be the most personal and transparent in the messages of the brand.

Checklist to create a marketing strategy

Anyway if you want to know more about marketing strategies I invite to read my post about everything you need to take in account before creating a strategy and while you are creating it.

Checklist to design an online marketing strategy that really works

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