17 Ideas to sell online courses and services withouth dying in the attempt

Creating the content of your online course or creating the program of your mentoring or consulting service will take you many hours, days, weeks, and even months. Nevertheless, your course or service without registering is nothing. This is why I always say that the promotion of your course or service is the 80% of the work, the content or methodology is just 20%. Today I will like to share different ideas that you can use to sell your online course or service successfully.

How to sell your course or service without dying in the attempt

1. Position yourself better before releasing your program

Before releasing an online course or service I implement my positioning content strategy. This strategy consists in:

  • Creating blog posts with key words of my online course or service.
  • Creating lead magnets (downloadable resources) to have a list of prospects to whom to sell my course/service.

2. Banners in your own blog

Your web/blog is your best communication media to sell your online product or service.

3. Use the menu of your web/blog

Take advantage of the menu of your web or blog to highlight your course or service. I leave you my recommendations for this idea:

  • Highlight your sale in the center of your menu.
  • Use an attractive title.
  • Add words that help you highlight what you sell, for example: New, grand, super, etc.

4. Strategic popups in your web/blog

I disliked popups and today I love them, they have helped me generate thousands of leads in my community and also helped me for specific promotions.

Also I share some tips:

  • Make your popup to be seen after 20-30 seconds, never at the start.
  • Make your popup to be responsive so that it is seen correctly in any device.
  • Design attractive popups so that they stand out and are more effective.

5. Make guest-blogging

Create a list of related blogs to the product or service you are selling and write them to propose a guest-blogging collaboration. Through this also write a content with a lot of quality and you will be able to link from that blog the promotion page of your product or service.

6. Release a webinar

One of the most effective ways to release a product or service is creating a practical webinar. Gather related professionals and for an hour or more you add a lot more value, at the end you release your sale and in the next days try to convert more users through email campaigns and ads. The releases through webinars usually are limited in time (between 3 and 5 days) and they work really well. Decrease the price of the product or service because you have a bigger audience that has been able to see your professional experience before buying. With webinars you can connect before selling and this is simply wonderful.

7. Sell to your subscribers

My best channel to sell is and always will be my Email Marketing list. When I release a new big product or service I always send a newsletter to my community. Through this simple email I can tell more closely and personally to my subscribers about the new product or service I am releasing. If you want to use this method I recommend:

  • Alternate your sale content with other educational of a lot of quality. I always send free content in the newsletter before the sale.
  • Convert your email in a small landing page.
  • Include a social test to convince better (social testimonies or writings, real cases, etc.)
  • Close the email stating clearly that they can write to you if they have any doubts.

8. Create a super lead magnet

If you do not position yourself before releasing your program as I recommended at the beginning, then you can create a mega lead magnet to offer the interested users and then sell them your product or service. The best lead magnets are:

  • E-books
  • Editable templates
  • Masterclass

9. Create a mini course

Many professionals use the mini course technique to then sell their product or service. I leave you an example, imagine you release a mini course to create marketing plans. When it is done you can sell them:

  • A complete online course about the topic.
  • The service of creating marketing plans.

As you see you have the same base, but the final sale you can alternate depending on what you prefer. If you release a mini course write to your friends so that they help you promote it in their channels.

10. Invest in advertisements

Create advertisement campaigns in the main platforms such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Youtube Adwords and Google Adwords. You can try various types of campaigns:

  • Cold sale campaign – create ads to take users to the promotion and pay page.
  • Campaigns to capture leads into your sale funnel – in these campaigns you capture leads by offering a lead magnet and then through an optimized funnel you are educating, maintaining loyalty and then turning them into customers.
  • Campaigns to take traffic to the blog – with these ads you send traffic to the posts that are related with your sales topic. It is important that in these posts you highlight the call to action for the purchase links, banners, or popups.

11. Create a super sales funnel 

If you want to obtain students and customers in a recurrent way, I recommend you to create a good conversion funnel. Below I leave you an example:

12. Offer your product or service as an upsell

When you offer free and paid content through the Internet you can always make upsell. This technique consists in offering something more to the user that have already interacted with you. I facilitate you two examples so that you can understand better this strategy:

  • Scene #1 – A user downloads a content of your blog and the thank you page you turn into a sales one for your product or service.
  • Scene #2 – A user buys a product or service in your web or blog and then immediately you offer another sale.

13. Use your social networks

Take advantage of your circle of friends and followers to promote your service or product in a closer way. You will be surprised of how your Facebook friends could be interested in your services or products. There is a technique that works real well and consists in the following:

  • Write a post in your personal Facebook profile asking what friends/family are interested in obtaining determined results with you.
  • In that same publication you ask them you send a direct message if they are interested.
  • Once they contact you by direct message take advantage to comment on what you offer and make a close sale.

If you already have a fans page and more professional profiles, you can recommend your product openly and through different content. For example:

  • The headlines of your social networks.
  • Mini promotion videos or gifs.
  • Promotion images and publications.

TIP: The videos on Youtube can work real well to position yourself in a certain topic.

14. Dare to write out of your blog

Do not limit yourself with your blog and dare to write in more media, for example:

  • Linkedin Pulse (the blog of your account in this social network) to get to a more segmented and specific audience.
  • Medium to share your vision of determined topics through opinion articles.
  • Slideshare to share educational content in a more visual and attractive way.

15. Publish a book on Amazon

Imagine being in the first results of Google with a book written by you on Amazon. This really is relevance and positioning. Writing an e-book and offering it for free or at a minimum price on Amazon is a very used strategy by many professionals. Through this document you will leave seeds planted and then you can convert your readers into customers of your services or students of your online courses.

16. Create an affiliate program 

Close deals with professionals and companies so that they promote your product or service in exchange of a commission. The affiliates commissions are used to be from a 10% to a 50%. If you want to implement this strategy I recommend you to make a list of possible collaborators, create an explanatory document of your affiliate system and then contact the professionals and companies with which you would like to work to close affiliate deals.

17. Convert your customers/students into your best ambassadors

I always say that if you have satisfied customers you will have free commercials. The word of mouth is still one of the most effective sales and promotion techniques. Write to your best students and customers and offer them the option of recommending your service or course in return of a commission or exchange.

I hope these 17 ideas help you promote better your online courses and services ;).

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